Does Your New Jersey Janitorial Service Use Microfiber Cloth?

Microfiber cloth for Janitorial Cleaning

Microfiber cloth has been shown to save businesses money on their janitorial services because 99% of the cleaning can be done with just the cloth and some water – there’s no need for special chemicals or cleaning solutions. That means companies won’t be able to charge you an arm and a leg for all kinds of cleaning products!

At Eagle’s New Jersey janitorial service, we use microfiber cloths in all of our commercial cleaning, and it allows us to stick to only the bare minimum in cleaning chemicals – a cost savings that is passed on to you.

microfiber clothHow Does Microfiber Cloth Work in Commercial Cleaning?
New Jersey cleaning companies that use microfiber products will be the first to tell you that it really does seem like magic. Made of synthetic fibers, microfiber cloth is amazingly durable, soft, absorbent, electrodynamic, and water repellant. They also have incredible wicking abilities (e.g. they repel moisture), which is why so many athletic clothing today contains microfibers.

When cleaning companies use ordinary sponges and cotton cloths, all they do is push dirt particles around and leave a wet trail behind. This is because of their rounded threads.

Microfibers, in contrast, use internal loops to help them trap oil and dirt inside the actual cloth. That means your janitorial service won’t just be moving germs and dirt from place to place, but getting rid of them for good. Even better, these kinds of cloths won’t tear or stretch like traditional materials, and they’re easy to wash and reuse hundreds of times.

How Does Eagle New Jersey Janitorial Service Use Microfiber Products?

There are a number of ways that we employ microfiber products in our cleaning services for businesses, and we’re always happy to work out a customized commercial cleaning plan for you.
Here are just a few examples of how microfibers help us do the best job possible for our customers.
  • Save money on chemical cleaning products
  • Dusters that won’t leave behind dirt
  • Mops that can hold six to seven times their weight
  • Improved ability to pick up dirt, grime, and germs
  • Cleaning that can be done in any regular washing machine
Call Eagle New Jersey commercial cleaning today and experience the difference with our microfiber cloths.
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