Does Your NJ Office Cleaning Service Improve Your Bottom Line?

Office Cleaning Service

Lots of businesses in New Jersey use an office cleaning service, but far too many don’t use a good one, and that’s unfortunate. Why? Because research has shown that a clean and healthy work environment can actually add to your bottom line by improving productivity and profitability.

Is your janitorial service in NJ doing this for your business? Find out by asking yourself a few simple questions:

Do customers hesitate to give referrals to your business – even after receiving excellent service? One of the best ways to get new customers is word-of-mouth. But no matter how good you are at your job, if you work out of an office that’s dirty or disheveled, people are likely to hesitate before suggesting that their friends and colleagues come to you.

Are your employees clean and organized? Studies have shown that when employees work in an office that’s clean and organized, they tend to keep their personal areas neat as well, and this raises their overall productivity.

How’s your employee turnover rate? Having to replace employees is something that every business experiences, but researchers have found that people are more likely to stick with a job if the workplace itself is clean and well-maintained. Keeping more employees for longer can be a vital part of improving your bottom line because it’s incredibly expensive to go through the hiring and training process.

Are customers frequently walking out after a cursory look around? It’s not an uncommon sight in many businesses for people to browse and then move on without making a purchase, but if you notice that this is happening all the time, you need to figure out why. One reason may be that your place of business looks messy or dirty.

Do your workers consistently use up all of their sick days? Want to talk about a productivity killer? Sick employees hurt your company by taking money without providing you with anything in return. If you’re using New Jersey cleaners who are doing a subpar job, it’s very likely that there are lots of germs floating around just waiting to attach themselves to people. This can become especially problematic in times when certain kinds of bacteria and viruses thrive, because having multiple people unable to work at once will seriously hurt your business.

So do the cleaning and janitorial services you use in NJ help your bottom line? They should. And if they don’t, it might be time to think about switching to a company with a track record of success.

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