Floor Cleaning

Why can’t I use a vacuum on everything?

Working in an office building, you know that one of the dirtiest areas in your office isn’t the bathroom, it’s the floor. How many people work in your office? How many come and go in one day? Spring in New Jersey brings rain, mud, pollen, and all kinds of things that your shoes can pick up and track inside. Leaving your floor uncared for can be unpleasing to look at, smell, and it can become a health hazard.

Let’s get to cleaning!

A common misconception is that flooring is flooring and it can all be cleaned the same way. Using a vacuum or a mop isn’t the solution for everything. In fact, using the wrong method or product may even damage your flooring. Maintaining a sparkling floor makes a great first impression on your new clients.


TileTile can be made in many mediums such as porcelain, ceramic, stone, and glass to name a few. Defined pieces of tile are held together with grout, which can be the root of your cleaning problems. Grout requires delicate care to keep white and clean. Always avoid bleach and ammonia, both of which can destroy tile flooring.


Hardwood Hardwood flooring comes in all different colors, styles, gradients, and cuts. Ensuring that your hardwood flooring stays in pristine condition can be a challenge. Cleaning hardwood can be counterintuitive: don’t use waxes, furniture polishes, oil-based soaps, or vinegar.


Laminate Laminate flooring is a synthetic form of wood used as a less expensive alternative. Due to it’s unique composition, mopping can ruin its aesthetic. Never use soap or steel wool to clean laminate flooring.


Vinyl Vinyl is a durable and versatile material that mimics the look and feel of tile, wood, and other flooring materials. Luckily, vinyl flooring is one of the easiest types to maintain. When it comes to providing a deep clean, be sure not to oversaturate the material as it can buckle and become destroyed.


Carpet Carpeting is probably the most common type of flooring in any office building. Although vacuuming may seem like the immediate solution, you cannot remove all dirt and grime with a household vacuum. Deep cleaning with professional equipment ensures that your carpet is sanitary.

Taking care of your office flooring yourself can be an overwhelming task, and one that cannot be completed without professional tools. Call in the professionals at Eagle BMJ to ensure that you have a perfect floor every time, no matter what type of flooring you have.

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