The Unassuming Greatness of the Squeegee

When one sits back and reflects on all the great inventions, advancements, and discoveries made by mankind during the 20th century, a great number of things that changed the lives of billions springs to mind: television, the computer, penicillin, the airplane, the list is seemingly endless! However, there exists something created in 1936 that, to anyone who has ever hired a professional cleaning company, will be very familiar with... The squeegee.

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It was in that year that an Italian immigrant by the name of Ettore Steccone perfected the design of early squeegee designs by making his out of lightweight brass with a single rubber blade secured by quick-release clips. Though not as technologically sophisticated as the Apollo lunar lander, Steccone’s improvements over earlier, more cumbersome designs were a blessing to window washers of the day who could now swap rubber blades faster & easier than before, making them more efficient in the process. His design is now the standard by which all others are based, how many people can make that claim? 


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