As A New School Year Approaches, Rely Upon Eagle BMJ To Create A Clean, Inviting Learning Environment

Much to the dismay of tens of thousands of children - or put another way - much to the delight of tens of thousands of parents throughout NJ, NY, and PA, a new school year will be starting before we know it! Throughout the summer, crews have most likely been working at your local school to repair, update, and finally, clean the entire facility before the doors open once again in September. Eagle Building Maintenance and Janitorial Services (Eagle BMJ) proudly serves as the professional cleaning service at a number of public and private schools in the tri-state area. What follows is our stance on why clean schools are a necessity, not just an aesthetic luxury.

Clean schools are necessary as they promote an atmosphere that is conducive to learning. A clean, healthy indoor environment is beneficial to both students and teachers. In fact, there have been news reports that highlight the link between cleanliness and school performance in that a clean and healthy facility can positively impact performance of both teachers and students.

Why choose Eagle BMJ as your school’s professional cleaning company?

School cleaning requires maintaining high standards at a variety of levels. The cafeteria and bathrooms can become a breeding ground for harmful, infectious microorganisms if not cleaned properly. Gymnasium floors, exercise and sports equipment - and especially locker rooms - require disinfecting to reduce the risk of spreading germs. This is especially crucial in winter months when windows are closed almost constantly, and an influx of fresh air is at a minimum. Within the classrooms, desks, chairs, computer keyboards, and mice also provide an environment for these microorganisms to thrive; this in turn compromises the health of everyone in the school setting. All of these issues make hiring a professional cleaning company, such as Eagle BMJ, a wise choice because we believe in making schools cleaner and healthier with our janitorial cleaning service. Since they’re usually still developing, children are more susceptible to the dangers of toxic cleaning chemicals, equipment, and procedures. Making small changes in the way we clean can make a big difference overall.

Ultimately you want a janitorial service that aims for healthy school cleaning from top to bottom. We pride ourselves in educating our clients about the options they have available to them, and schools are no different. So, contact Eagle today to arrange for a no-obligation consultation to see how we can keep your school earning A’s... All year long!

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