Office cleaning and Year End Budgets

Office Cleaning and year end Budgets
Many times when it comes to balancing the budget of a facility, or management looking to reduce overall costs, professional office cleaning services is often one of the items at the top of the list to be reviewed.

Having a commercial cleaning service provider that knows and understands how to workload a building, implements team cleaning strategies within their workforce and uses the proper cleaning agents and equipment can help to reduce the time spent cleaning your facility.  Which in return, equates to increased efficiency and quality, and lower overall cost to the customer.

Office Cleaning and Proper Building Work Load Planning

Work loading a building correctly is one of the most critical steps in assuring the building gets cleaned, maintains a high level of cleanliness consistently and most importantly, accurately allots the correct amount of time needed to effectively clean the building and the tasks involved.  Many times cleaning companies just "wing it" when it comes to figuring out the correct time needed to clean a facility.  This is often where janitorial service companies get themselves into trouble right from the start.  Incorrect work loading can lead to underestimating the time needed to effectively clean the building; therefore leaving the customer with their facility under cleaned because the janitorial service provider is trying to squeeze out as much profit as they can by reducing the labor hours that are actually needed to effectively clean.  Also, incorrectly work loading a facility could lead to allocating too much time to clean and then the customer ultimately ends up overpaying for the services being rendered.  The time taken by the cleaning contractor up front to accurately measure and input information about your building into a software system designed for work loading in the cleaning industry, is the most accurate way to get the proper times needed to complete the tasks to effectively and efficiently clean your facility.

Another way to know if you are receiving the most efficient and cost effective cleaning is whether or not your current cleaning company is using the "Team Cleaning Strategy". For example:  Traditional methods would have a 8-story building with a janitor on each floor completing every task.  This means 8 people, 8 trash containers, 8 vacuums etc... I think you get the picture.  Team cleaning in the same building you would only have 6 cleaning technicians.  One pair being the light duty techs and vacuum techs assigned to floors 1-4, with another pair assigned to floors 4-8.  Then a bathroom cleaning tech and the utility tech working throughout the whole building.  Outcome??? Greater efficiency in cleaning with more consistent service results with only 6 techs, two vacuums, two trash containers, one bathroom cart and one mopping system.  Also, the customer receives a proposal that has been properly work loaded with 6 cleaning techs instead of 8.  End result being, more than likely YOUR monthly cost be lower!!

Cleaning agents and  equipment also have their role in helping the bottom line of the customer.  Using the proper cleaning agents on surfaces will help to efficiently clean and maintain your facility.  Improper use of cleaning agents can lead to damaging surfaces, etching and faster wearing out of floor finishes, which can result in more frequent floor refinishing which is not cheap.  Backpack vacuums have been proven to reduce vacuuming times up to 70% from standard upright vacuums.

When budgeting cleaning for your facility, whether it's a new building or you are budgeting for the upcoming year, it is important to know and understand just how your current cleaning service work loaded your building, what processes they have in place and do they use the "Team Cleaning Method" and do they use proper cleaning agents and equipment.  Knowing these three key items could inform you of whether or not you are really getting the most efficient cleaning at the best price!
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