Can Natural Cleaners Also Be Synthetic Cleaners?

Clients who request Eagle BMJ’s eco-friendly cleaning services trust that our use of natural cleaners means they’ve been derived solely from sources that would have been commonly used 120 years ago. Vinegar comes to mind; it’s safe, non-toxic, and quite effective as a cleaning agent



Due to a variety of factors, “natural” means something altogether different with respect to modern cleaning products.

Consider that the chemicals used to create surfactants (a cleaning products primary cleaning compound) are technically found in nature, making them natural by definition. They are categorized as petroleum-based (petrochemicals) or lipid-based (oleochemicals). However, few examples of each exist as stand-alone compounds; in other words, both require further processing in order to obtain the properties which will allow them to perform their desired role as cleaning agents. Thus, the word "natural" is often a misnomer; the distinction being that petrochemical-sourced cleaners are considered synthetic, while oleochemical-based surfactants are considered natural.


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