Commercial Cleaning During the Daytime has Benefits

Building Cleaning Daytime

After being in janitorial services industry for over 15 years, we are starting to see a shift in the hours in which facility managers are requesting to have their buildings maintained.  As most of us are these days, also are the facility managers and other decision makers to adhere to extremely tight budget constraints. 

The number one reason that facility managers are making the transition from night time cleaning to day time cleaning is to save costs on the energy alone that it takes to keep the facility operating during the night hours so that the commercial cleaning company is able to do their job effectively.   Studies have shown that facilities that have made the transition to day time cleaning have been able to see a savings of up to 8% in their energy usage.

An increased morale by the employees and building occupants of the facility is also another benefit that is being noticed by this transition.  Employees that see cleaning of their facility taking place in front of them, tend to have a better feeling about the workplace they are working in.  Studies have shown that employees with a higher morale in the workplace can lead to higher productivity levels.  There is also a relationship that builds between the cleaning crews and the employees which can lead to a better communication and overall higher customer satisfaction.  If a specific issue arises, instead of the customer having to call the commercial cleaning companies main office to alert, or leave a note for the night time crew, they can have the issue addressed right away. 

Customers who are visiting the facility also have a better feeling and a higher appreciation of the place they are in when seeing cleaning taking place.  This ultimately leads to the customer more likely to return to your facility and an increase in revenue.

With the new technology that has come about in the janitorial service industry, it has allowed cleaning crews to work more quickly and efficiently, minimizing downtime and restricted access in daytime scenarios.  With areas that are just not able to be closed off for any period of time, cleaning crews can wait until the end of business day to address these areas.  For example, if your main lobby or any other high traffic area cannot be vacuumed or mopped during business hours, then the cleaning crew would address these areas just prior to closing. 

At the end of business day, facility managers can go home with piece of mind knowing that they are doing their due diligence in meeting budget constraints, their building is clean and ready to go when they return tomorrow.  And there is no worrying if the night time cleaning crew is going to show up, miss an entire area, not secure the building properly when entering or leaving, or not read the note for the specific issue that you requested be taken care of.
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