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You want the best for your business, your employees, your clients/customers.  You try to stay on the cutting edge of your business strategies.  Would you put your employees or clients at risk by having a germ-ridden environment? NO!  At Eagle Building Maintenance and Janitorial, we feel the same way. Our office cleaning nj techniques provide a superior level of service with your needs and wishes taken in mind.

We know dirt. It is our job to know how to get rid of the dirt in your office. We are consistent in our business and cleaning practices. We meet with our clients one-on-one to discover their unique needs, because no two clients are alike.

According to a study by Kimberly-Clark Proffessional:  http://www.multivu.com/mnr/56343-kimberly-clark-study-kitchens-break-rooms-crawling-with-bacteria-germs

...Dr. Charles Gerba, Professor of Microbiology at the University of Arizona, the percentage of the office surfaces tested and found to have high levels of contamination (an ATP count of 300 or higher), includes:
  • 75 percent of break room sink faucet handles
  • 48 percent of microwave door handles
  • 27 percent of keyboards
  • 26 percent of refrigerator door handles
  • 23 percent of water fountain buttons
  • 21 percent of vending machine buttons
We can take the worry out of an unsanitary kitchen. Cleaning can be done after the lunch hour, if that meets your needs. With our kitchen cleaning service, we can make sure that your kitchen is clean from the floor to the microwave that heated up last night's spaghetti and meatballs with marinara sauce.

Our professional staff will expertly clean your office. You will have confidence that your routine cleaning will be done to the standards that you expect. You can trust the Eagle team will be able to customize their cleaning to meet your specific and unique needs.

Only need cleaning once a month? We are the team for you. Is weekly or daily cleaning what you need? We can make sure that we can get the job done.

With the number of people entering and leaving your establishment, you don't know what kind of germs are being left behind. We can provide special cleaning that will sanitize those public areas.

We use the best products to make your office clean and bright. We also offer total green cleaning. Green cleaning is not only good for the environment,it is good for your employees and clients. When you use the green cleaning janitorial services, you will have a certificate at your entrance to let all those that enter your office know you are green.

Let us help you make a good first impression and keep your staff and clients well. Contact us for more information.
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