Technology in the Cleaning Industry

Technology and Janitorial Cleaning

How "You" the Customer Benefit from Technology in the Cleaning Industry

Smart Phones, Call Forwarding, Ipads, Industry Specific Software that allows commercial cleaning contractors to perform site inspections and respond to work orders,  are just a few of the items that any customer would hope their current janitorial service provider would have in place.

Long gone are the days of it being acceptable for commercial cleaning service companies to wait until the end of the day or the next morning to reply to voicemail messages or email from their customers.  With all the technology at our fingertips it is foolish for any reputable janitorial services company not to invest and implement some of these items.

Smart Phones are an absolute must have in the cleaning industry.  Smart Phones have essentially made it near impossible for a customer not to be able to get in contact with someone from their cleaning service.  Whether it be a phone call , email or even a text message,  customers should always be able to get an almost immediate response.  

Call forwarding also has made the contractors office easier to take with them.  Clients can call the main office and even the extension of whom they are trying to contact at the cleaning company and automatically be redirected to their contact persons cell phone without ever knowing.  Thus, allowing an even quicker response to a potentially high importance item you made need resolved ASAP.

The use of Industry Specific Software that allows your commercial cleaning contractor to perform detailed inspections of your facility on Ipads while the walk through to insure that you are getting what you are paying for.  Once the inspection is completed, the quality control supervisor can instantly submit it to the client via email so they can review as well.  Many times these types of software will allow customers to have access with their own login credentials, so that they can view their facilities inspection results, history, trends and even comment if they chose to.  There is also the ability for the customer to create work orders from this software and at the click-of-a-button they can submit them.  Provided the contractor has there management outfitted with smart phones, they would quickly receive the work order and once completed, can sign off and email back to client as completed.

Being the "microwave society" that we have become and accustom to immediate answers, why should getting response and answers from your commercial cleaning service provider be any different? 

Technology has simply made a lack of response and ineffective cleaning services inexcusable.
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