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The Benefits of Green Cleaning Within the Medical Profession

The Very Products We Use To Clean May Be Making Us Sick

Doctors, along with other medical professionals, such as nurses and technicians, rely heavily on the ability and proficiency of the hospital or office cleaning staff to ensure that the facility is cleaned & sterilized properly. The health & well-being of many individuals is at stake otherwise. In fact, specialized cleaning for medical offices is a priority that must not be taken lightly or skimped upon for budgetary reasons.
It would seem to some that the prescription for cleaning a medical facility would be easy... Simply hose the entire building down with a mixture of bleach & water twice a day, everyday, for 10 days. It is obviously more complicated than that, and the 18.7 million Americans who are asthmatic or the almost 110 million Americans who are allergic or sensitive to certain compounds would agree. However, some of the irritants, or triggers, for these individuals could be the very thing most people use everyday, unaware that they are being affected by something they thought was helping them, and those are the cleaning products themselves!


Why Green Cleaning Matters In the Medical Profession

The benefits of using an all-green cleaning service is obvious and readily apparent. One positive attribute includes a reduction in synthetic chemicals being introduced into the ground and/or water resources. The reduction or elimination of harsh chemicals and the  residue they leave behind on surfaces is another. However, using green, eco-friendly products to clean and disinfect hospitals and other medical offices are typically produced with natural, plant-based ingredients, not synthetic compounds. They clean as effectively as their synthetic counterparts, yet their use can reduce the risk of allergen-based asthmatic attacks & other respiratory ailments amongst patients and employees alike, keeping everyone healthier in the long run.

Eagle BMJ Provides Green Cleaning Solutions For Your Medical Practice

Indeed, cleaning a medical office can help your practice grow in the long run as well. In this day and age, social media posts do a lot of advertising for us, having a clean medical facility may result in satisfied patients recommending your practice to countless others in your area. Contact Eagle Building Maintenance and Janitorial Services (Eagle BMJ) today at (888) 730-1123 to arrange for a FREE, on-site consultation and to learn how we can provide solutions for all your medical office cleaning needs!
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