Low Maintenance Doesn’t Mean No Maintenance

Whether at home or at work, we are bombarded with a seemingly endless list of products from roofing to lighting to flooring that are pitched as Low Maintenance or No Maintenance. Business owners who choose either of those two words puts a great deal of faith in the promise of choosing a product with a long service life, along with minimal care & expense... Sort of like the building equivalent of a Toyota Corolla!
Specifically, one of the most touted products for warehouses, retail, and other commercial facilities are polished concrete floors. Such floors are often promoted as no maintenance flooring because their durability exceeds that of any other flooring system on the market. However, as durable as it may be, it still requires a regular, ongoing commercial cleaning program to in order to maintain its aesthetic beauty.

cleaning a polished-concrete-floor

Eagle BMJ Can Help Polished Concrete Floors Shine!

Neglecting to sweep the floors on a daily basis is a major culprit, as is using harsh cleaning chemicals. Worse, using dirty cleaning machine pads can dull the finish of the flooring. Although we consider concrete to be almost impervious to foot traffic, it’s not. Thus, even repetitive foot traffic can impact the finish, all of which emphasizes why hiring a professional cleaning company that possesses the know-how to care for a variety of floors is a crucial step many businesses overlook.
Thankfully, Eagle Building Maintenance and Janitorial Services (Eagle BMJ) offers a wide range of janitorial cleaning services performed by trained professionals who will properly clean and care for your facility. Making the decision about who cleans your business doesn’t have to be difficult, and we’ll gladly prove it to you. Contact Eagle BMJ today at (888) 730-1123 to arrange for a FREE, no obligation, on-site consultation and let us show you how we can help your facility be safer, cleaner, and more productive by doing what we do best so you can do what you do best!
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