How to Find a New Jersey Cleaning Company that Doesn't Disappoint

New Jersey Cleaning Company
Finding a good New Jersey commercial cleaning company for your office is getting harder and harder.

With many of the better NJ cleaning professionals turning towards private clients - or getting out of the business altogether - newer hires are not always likely to be the “best and brightest”. There’s also a tendency for fly-by-night companies to sprout as start-up costs for cleaning businesses remain relatively low. These smaller commercial cleaning companies may promise the moon, but they rarely come through.

So what are some of the ways to ensure the NJ cleaning company you hire will provide excellent service?

Take Your Time

Firstly, do not hire the cheapest bidder out there! Cheap bids often reflect a New Jersey cleaning company that will send in subpar (possibly illegal) workers who aren’t being paid very well and lack enthusiasm.

There’s also the possibility that the manager has, purposefully or otherwise, underestimated the man-hours necessary to clean your facility. Bargain barrel rates such as these are often “revised upwards” as the relationship continues. If you refuse to pay more, the cleaning company will simply instruct its employees to do less, leaving you feeling a victim of the old “bait and switch” and your facility languishing in untidy conditions.

 A cleaning company that comes in at a fair bid is more likely to:

1.    Be established
2.    Be professional
3.    Have long-standing relationships with their well-treated employee

All of which will benefit your business in the long run.

Ask Around

If you have friends or professional contacts that use a commercial cleaning service at their New Jersey business, ask them about their experiences. Trusted word-of-mouth will always trump a company’s slick webpage or the star-ratings found at places like Yelp, which can easily be skewed by biased or dishonest opinions and posts.

Make a Call

Once you have a few New Jersey cleaning services in mind, call around and schedule an appointment to meet with their representatives. Make sure you mention a ballpark amount you’re willing to spend. If what you have in your budget is too little (or if your facility is too big) they can politely decline, saving everybody time.

Once the rep is out at your facility, you can discuss actual rates. Too low and you run the risk of slipshod work. Too high and you’re simply overpaying. You’ll also be able to ask questions regarding scheduling, hours of cleaning time, cancellation policies, etc.

Open the Book

Make sure the New Jersey cleaning service you use allows for open book pricing. What does each task involve time-wise? How much will it cost? When you and the cleaning company representative can sit down together and determine, task-by-task, how much you’ll be expected to pay, you can then make an accurate comparison when negotiating with other cleaning companies.

An honest, experienced janitorial service will be happy to do this with you.

Check Insurance

Finally, if you’re not sure about who you’re dealing with, you can rest easier by finding a New Jersey cleaning company that is bonded and insured.  This protects you from liability and also means that you’re dealing with a professional organization.

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