Keep Waiting Rooms Clean to Keep Patients Well

preview-full-preview-full-Waiting-Room.jpgThe first thing prospective patients see when they enter a medical practice of any size is the waiting room. In fact, most people who walk into a medical practice will judge the cleanliness of the entire practice based on the waiting room alone. Since no one wants to be waiting for medical attention, whether it’s an emergency or not, in a filthy waiting room, it is important to keep in mind the most important items and places to clean and disinfect in your medical office.
The floors of a waiting room can get super dirty with tons of people walking all over them every day. These need to be cleaned, at the very least, once a day. Making sure that your floors are not dirty or sticky will help ensure that your prospective patients feel comfortable in your waiting room.
The chairs in your waiting room are probably the second most important items to keep clean. Every day, several different sick patients sit in each chair ever few hours. For this reason, it is imperative that they are wiped down with a disinfectant as often as possible.
Making sure you wipe down any counters in your office daily is just good hygiene. This is especially true for your medical office as you don’t know what people place on them. This can range from germs to children touching it after wiping runny noses.
Water Fountains
It’s a well-known fact that making sure you stay hydrated when you’re sick will help speed up the healing process, especially if you are running a fever. For those patients who forget their bottles of water at home, your medical office’s water fountain will be a lifesaver. Now, no one likes to drink after others, whether they are sick or not. Keeping these conveniences clean is imperative.
If by chance you have some toys in your waiting room for small children, it is so important that you wipe these down a couple of times a day. Children are so much more susceptible to germs and illnesses than adults and the fact that germs could be harboring on things that attract children is just scary. In order to protect the children, keep these things clean.
Doors/Door handles
These are the most important items to make sure you disinfect every single day. Every single person who walks into your medical office touches multiple door handles. These especially include the handles on the main entrance, entrances into bathrooms, exam rooms, and emergency exits.
Writing Utensils
These are the forgotten items on the cleaning list. Though, they are some of the most used items. As patients enter your medical facility, they will most likely sign in using a pen that has been set out for their convenience. Wiping these down every day is just as important in keeping germs at bay as wiping down door handles.
Making sure your waiting room is sterile and clean will not only enhance the appearance of a tidy medical office, but it will also help to decrease the number of germs being spread from one patient to another. It will also help keep the Medical staff safe from these germs that they work so hard to fight off every day. 
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