Why You Should Change Your New Jersey Janitorial Services

New Jersey Janitorial Services

Your New Jersey janitorial service just isn’t doing it for you anymore. They were once prompt and attentive. They cleaned well and responded to your every request. Your cleaning service, at one time, aimed to please, and your office looked ship shape.

Nowadays, their work is substandard. Your calls are not being returned. Your complaints go unheeded. Certain rooms aren’t being vacuumed anymore, the wastebaskets remain full, and let’s not even talk about what’s going on in the bathrooms.

Let’s face it: Your NJ cleaning company just doesn’t seem to care anymore.

Yes, you’re a busy person and you’ve put a janitorial service change on the back burner. You really do have a lot of choices out there, however, and there are plenty of reasons to find a new company that will give your office the attention it deserves.

New janitorial services pop up like weeds. There’s very little regulation of the industry and start up costs are modest. As a result, many new NJ cleaning companies cut corners and hire unskilled, sometimes even undocumented, workers. This way, the wage they pay is low and their payroll taxes low or entirely nonexistent. As a result, the client suffers, not only due to shoddy cleansmanship but high employee turnover - leading to more substandard service - as well.  

Small cleaning companies often use untrained (and unhappy) employees. Many smaller companies have neither the time nor resources to properly train their new employees. You might not think it, but there’s a lot that goes into commercial office cleaning: things a professional will know and a rookie will not. When employees are well trained they feel more confident in their abilities, leading to a higher degree of professionalism, a greater sense of pride in their work and, as a result, a better job done. The lack of expertise on the part of an untrained, unskilled janitor may leave your NJ office in a dirty, messy or even unhygienic condition.

Many cleaning companies have poor communication systems. You’ve complained about less-than-stellar performance, you’ve gotten a well-meaning response from a company representative, indicating that things will be taken care of – but the job never seems to get done. In the modern age, there’s no excuse for this issue. Technology makes it easier than ever for you to stay connected to your cleaning company, and for them to respond promptly to your needs.

How and why would you remain with a NJ commercial cleaning company that’s not doing what it’s paid to do?

Finding a new cleaning service is certainly worth the time and effort. You want to find a professional cleaning service companies that not only trains but treats their employees well, leading to better results all around. Be sure to look for a company that has received a CIMS certification from ISSA, which oversees the building services industry. That means the organization has passed rigorous tests and will almost always provide better service than the fly-by-nighters.

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