Your NJ Cleaning Crew: An Extra Set of Eyes and Ears for Your Property Manager

Property Managers: Janitorial Support

In recent years, economic issues have forced many management companies to cut back on staff, both with regards to number of employees and the amount of hours each employee works. This has added a significant strain on the remaining employees as they have all been asked to handle added responsibilities.

One employee that has seen the biggest jump in responsibilities is the property manager, who has likely been asked to oversee many more locations than they are used to.

Because of this jump in responsibility, property managers are often on site no more than once per week. With the amount of properties they each oversee, it is just plain impossible for them to be there more. After all, how can someone be in several places at once?

Unfortunately, this has made it rather difficult for them to stay abreast of problems as they crop up, resulting in more and more issues at properties. But this problem can be alleviated with a little bit of creativity. And one way to do that is to let your New Jersey cleaning crew be an extra set of eyes and ears for your property manager.

How Can a NJ Cleaning Crew Assist Our Property Managers?

Simply put, commercial cleaning crews tend to be on site multiple times per week, day or night, which is more than the average property manager is there. That puts them in a unique position to see and hear things that the property manager might not ever know about.

A good way to have your commercial cleaning crew assist your property manager is to designate a contact person from the crew to serve as your “eyes and ears” while they are at the property. Then that contact person can report any issues they come across either to their own office or immediately to the property manager.

This way your New Jersey cleaning company can allow the property manager to more easily catch problems and respond them much quicker than they normally would. You’ll be able to stop leaks from becoming floods, broken security doors from leading to break-ins, and air conditioner issues from causing unbearable building temperatures, all of which will leave your tenants happier!

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