Why Community Matters to Eagle Building Maintenance and Janitorial

At Eagle Building Maintenance and Janitorial, we believe it’s incredibly important to have a strong relationship with our community. When we clean, we work to ensure we’re not obtrusive to your work environment, but we want our customers to remember our work and think of us as an important part of their community.

Why is community so important to us?

Most of our business is based on referrals. Eagle BMJ has been in business for 15 years and has built up a strong customer base. Because a lot of our new business comes from existing customers telling their friends about us, we rely on our community to spread the word about our services. We strongly believe in the power of word-of-mouth and always love hearing that a new customer has heard good things about us from a colleague.

We want to be able to work with a wide range of businesses in our community. We’ve worked with office building, schools, auto dealerships, and medical facilities and want to continue working with people across many different industries in our community. We strive to work with each individual customer to work out the budget, schedule, and specific cleaning services that are best for them.

We care about the impact we make. It’s our job to make sure that the spaces we’re hired to work in look great, but it’s not enough to just stop at appearances. We care about the environmental impact we make as well as the health and safety of employees who work in the buildings we clean. We want to make sure our entire community continues to thrive in the future, so we offer green cleaning services and use cleaning products without harsh chemicals whenever our customers request this.

We’re a family-run business. Ultimately, community is important to us because we’re a local, family-run business. New Jersey is our home, and we take pride in our work because we believe clean buildings reflect well on our whole region.

How Has Eagle Building & Maintenance Impacted You?

We’d love to hear about how Eagle has helped your business to thrive – or any feedback about how we can make a greater contribution to your success.

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