Your New Brunswick, NJ Business Needs a Quality Cleaning Company

The sad truth is that it’s way too easy to start up an office cleaning company and lowball the competition. “Our New Brunswick commercial cleaning company just does the bare minimum. It’s so frustrating!” As a janitorial service that’s served New Brunswick and the New Jersey area for more than 15 years, we hear this a lot when we speak with potential clients, and it’s always disappointing. But when your company’s reputation is on the line, you need quality just as much as you need affordability. That’s  the cornerstone of Eagle BMJ’s business.

How is quality measured in New Brunswick? We at Eagle think it’s not just about paying the least possible amount for something, but getting more than what you pay for. When it comes to finding an office cleaning company, that means being able to feel confident that your clients and customers will walk away with a good impression of your facility and that your employees are working in an environment that’s both safe and healthy.

Do you get those feelings from your current commercial cleaning company? If not, you might want to look into Eagle. Why does Eagle stand above the rest?

We’re a family-run business. Our father and son owners truly care about this company because they’ve both built it from the ground up. They don’t want clients in New Brunswick who are going to move on after a few months or even a few years, but people who will work with them for life. Because of this, they work hard to provide each and every client with personal attention, starting with coming out to meet with you in person to develop your customized cleaning solution and make sure you receive the janitorial service you want and need – and nothing more.

We’re serious about training. Giving strangers access to your building and equipment for office cleaning can be frightening for many businesses. That’s why we guarantee that all of our workers are not only licensed and bonded but also well-trained and experienced. We make sure that everyone working for Eagle understands how to use the most up-to-date cleaning equipment and learns all of the latest techniques so that your New Brunswick, NJ business shines.

We’ve had harder jobs. How do we know that you’ll be impressed with the extent of our janitorial service? Because 40% of our business comes from large-scale facilities around New Jersey – schools and medical facilities where our employees are required to follow strict guidelines and engage in cleaning practices well beyond what any normal office will ask for. So when we come to clean your building, you can relax knowing that you’re dealing with people who understand what it’s like to give their best and won’t be intimidated by a big or nasty job.

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