Things Building Superintendents Need to Know About

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Being a building superintendent is never an easy job considering you're solely responsible for all the maintenance that goes in the premises. While a well-paying job, you know how important quality cleaning services are as part of the maintenance involved. Providing this for a commercial building is all the more essential so customers always find clean and suitable surroundings. If you're still new to the role of a building superintendent, what things do you need to know about to stay successful? Here's some to consider, plus how to find the right cleaning service company.
Delegating Repair Tasks
One of the most challenging duties of this job is to delegate daily tasks to all maintenance crew. You'll have to make sure the building you're responsible for always has proper repairs done, including being presentable. When you have a large building, this obviously isn't easy. Staying compliant to company standards and fulfilling business ordinances requires keeping up on the latest changes if any occur. Just one slip-up could fall on your shoulders and lead to fines for the company. It's all the more reason to find a reliable cleaning service. Since they'll be responsible for cleaning every floor in the building, you'll want assurance they have proper experience and equipment.
Working with Contractors for Larger Projects
Sometimes larger maintenance or cleaning projects need doing in your building. You should expect to work with contractors once in a while to manage these tasks. In some cases, these are renovations for expansion purposes. Maybe a special cleaning project is needed after an on-site accident or natural disaster. Again, you'll want someone dependable with the best cleaning equipment to get the job done right the first time.
Scheduling Building Worker Shifts
Working out the schedules of when maintenance and cleaning crews work can become equally complicated. It's especially difficult if some parts of the building are in use 24 hours on normal work days. Maintenance can become problematic around employees if it takes place during normal work hours. We all know it's never fun to hear drills or hammering going on while trying to work, which makes your job all the more important. Finding times for these things to get done without interference will show your skills as a superintendent. For cleaning, it's perhaps a little easier if done in the overnight hours. It's all the more reason to hire a cleaning company with scheduling flexibility.
Keeping Maintenance Costs Within Budget
Even more essential in the building superintendent role is maintaining a reasonable budget while still getting things done. Maintenance is often expensive, and so is cleaning if hiring the wrong company. Take some time to vet the cleaning company you bring in to see what they charge. It's still possible to find quality cleaning services without having to pay a fortune. For maintenance, you may need to place only mandatory projects at the top of the list if working on a limited budget.
Identifying Problems in the Building
Another major part of your job is to become familiar with the blueprint of the building. Identifying problems inside and knowing where those problems are helps your maintenance crew fix things faster. The best way to do this, is to live on-site, since building superintendents are often on call to address maintenance issues. Sometimes it means having to call in a cleaning crew for an emergency cleanup. For building emergencies, these are the realities of your job, but the workers you hire matter in the response.
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