Details Make the Difference

When it comes to eco friendly cleaning services, a lot of cleaning companies make a pledge to do right by the environment. Some do an outstanding job while others never quite fulfill those promises. Among the key reasons why some are more successful than others lies in the details. For example, Eagle Building Maintenance and Janitorial Services (Eagle BMJ) selects paper products that is made from recycled paper. These are typically labeled as Pre-Consumer Content, meaning it consists of paper that has not been previously used by the consumer; and Post-Consumer Content, meaning it consists of paper that has been previously used by the consumer. Additionally, such paper is typically unbleached and free of inks & dyes used to print patterns.


Eagle BMJ Recognizes That We Must Be Responsible Stewards of the Earth 

Consequently, we have committed ourselves to utilizing products that are certified as green either by their manufacturer or by a third-party organization. We only use green products that have been labeled as "Designed for Environment" (DFE), meaning the product has been approved by the U.S. NJ green cleaning services for offices and commercial spaceEnvironmental Protection Agency (EPA), thereby following strict guidelines towards reducing chemical exposure to both cleaning company workers & building occupants alike. Eagle BMJ proudly offers professional Green Cleaning services to any clients that desire green janitorial services. Our green cleaning professionals have been trained in the latest scientifically-based green cleaning standards; our use of green products and procedures equates to a healthier environment for a better tomorrow, starting today.


Eagle BMJ offers a wide range of professional cleaning services performed by trained professionals who will properly clean and care for your facility. Making the decision about who cleans your business doesn’t have to be difficult, and we’ll gladly prove it to you. Contact Eagle BMJ today at (888) 730-1123 to arrange for a FREE, no obligation, on-site consultation. Allow us to show you how we can help your facility be cleaner, healthier, and more productive by doing what we do best so you can do what you do best!

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