Close the Door on Potential Pathogens

Door handles are one of the most common locations for disease-causing pathogens to exist. This is especially true in the workplace where hundreds of people a day may come into contact with them. As we know all too well, many people work even when sick! Such actions can help spread E.coli, Staphylococcus, fungal, and viral infections throughout a facility at alarming speed. While hand washing hygiene is important, doing so may not be enough to stop certain pathogens from thriving in other places - such as door handles. 



As a result, both traditional janitorial cleaning companies and, in particular, those providing specialized cleaning for medical offices need to approach cleaning and disinfecting these high-risk areas carefully, often requiring specialized cleaning products and techniques. In particular, any disinfectants and sanitizers that are to be used should specify if they are effective against a given pathogen. This is done to safeguard others from invaders they will never know was present otherwise.


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