Why Your Cleaning Company’s Hiring Process Matters

Janitorial Cleaning Company: Hiring Matters

If you’ve ever been involved in the hiring process at your business, school, or medical facility, you already know how important it is to find the right people for the job. You take the time to review applications, interview qualified candidates, and discuss with the hiring committee before making a final decision because you want to make sure you find someone who will make a positive impact.

You want to make sure you’re working with the best colleagues, and you should feel the same about your office’s cleaning staff. You’re probably not going to be directly involved in the hiring decisions that your cleaning company makes, but you should be sure that your cleaning company truly cares about their hiring process and their employees. Here’s why.

You want to ensure there’s good communication on all levels. Some large cleaning businesses will end up using contractors rather than full-time employees, which means that you won’t always know who is cleaning your office, and special cleaning requirements may not be successfully passed from management to contractors. When your cleaning company hires full-time employees, there’s greater communication and consistency—which means that you’ll have your office cleaned just the way you want.

You need your cleaning company to fully insure employees. Again, if your cleaning company is just bringing in contractors, those contractors may not have workman’s compensation insurance. That means that your company is at risk for a lawsuit if a cleaning contractor is injured, which certainly isn’t a problem you want to have on your hands.

You need a cleaning company you can trust. When your cleaning company looks at job candidates, they should be doing background checks to make sure their potential employees don’t have a problematic criminal record. If a company fails to perform a background check and hires someone who has, say, multiple theft convictions on their record, they could be compromising the safety and security of your company.

You need your cleaning company to fully train their employees. You should pay attention to the care that your cleaning company puts into their hiring process because this typically reflects the care they dedicate to their employees once they’re hired. They should be hiring the types of employees who are able to learn quickly, and the cleaning company should provide all the training their employees need in order to best serve your facility.

Eagle BMJ is a New Jersey cleaning company that truly cares about hiring the best possible janitorial staff. We provide our crew members with extensive training to ensure the safety and hygiene of your facility, staff, and clients. We also go through rigorous background checks when we’re hiring, and we make sure that all employees are fully insured. We know our clients depend on our cleaning staff, and we want to create the best professional experience for everyone.

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