Janitorial Services During the holiday Season

Janitorial Services
As that time of year approaches, when holiday parties and events become more abundant than the rest of the year, so does the foot traffic and usage of a lot of facilities.  Thus, creating more garbage, soil and use of the restrooms.  It is important that the client and janitorial services provider have an open line of communication and take a pro-active stance in creating a detailed office cleaning schedule to insure consistent results and keep your facility looking clean even during these several weeks of increased usage.

Flexible hours by your janitorial services provider can be a big benefit in helping to maintain a clean and healthy space.  For instance, If you are having a holiday event after working hours and it ends at 8pm and your cleaning service typically cleans from 5:30 - 8, a janitorial services provider that has flexible hours would be able to begin cleaning after the event.  If needed, they also have the ability to increase their staff in order to break down the extra tables, chairs etc...

Day porter services are another way to keep your facility maintained during these events.  As most of these holiday events seem to take place during the working hours, having someone on hand to insure that your facility is well maintained can help not only to keep your facility clean and maintained, but also help to alleviate the burden of leaving all the extra work for the nighttime cleaning crew.  The trash created by these events can  be monitored and removed when needed. Monitoring and cleaning of the restrooms along with the re-stocking of the towel, soap dispensers etc...Also, helping to clear tables, set up or breakdown items and clean up any spills can be a big benefit of having a day porter handy.

After all is said and done, many corporate office holiday schedules give their employees an extended break to enjoy these times with their families and friends.  This is the one of the most opportune times of the year for your janitorial services provider to perform deep extensive office cleaning.

As excessive food and beverages are usually a staple and a highlight at holiday events, without fail does some of it end up ground in or spilled on the carpeting.  Carpet cleaning can be performed during this down time.  Also grout cleaning, high dusting, window cleaning, light bulb replacement and hard surface floor care maintenance can be performed during the day while your facility is closed for the holidays.

Having a janitorial services provider that you can communicate easily with, has flexible hours and offers an array of office cleaning services can prove not only to help eliminate some of the stress that comes with this fast paced time of year, but also keep a consistently well maintained, healthy and clean environment day to day, year after year.
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