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Janitorial Cleaning of Restrooms

Greasy door handles. Floors wet with more than just water. Paper towels littering the sinks and overflowing from the trash, and of course, toilets that haven’t been flushed.

Dirty restroomJanitorial services aren’t something the majority of us typically think about when we’re out and about, but when you find yourself in a restroom like the one described above, you can’t help but wonder who does the cleaning.

And we’ve all had that experience somewhere. Maybe yours was at a sports arena, a fast food restaurant, or even a high-end department store. No matter where it was, chances are good that you weren’t in a hurry to ever go there again.

Now imagine that the restroom at your office building looks like that. How do you think it might affect your employees? And what about when clients visit?

Clean restroomA lack of good cleaning could cost your business more than you realize. Do you know how clean your restrooms are?

Lazy Janitorial Services Are Bad for Productivity and Your Image

Trying to save money by not using a high-quality New Jersey janitorial service ends up costing you more in the end. Restrooms are breeding grounds for germs and not cleaning them well can help illness to spread through your workforce more quickly. That means you’ll lose productivity as people call in sick or work slower because they’re not feeling well.

It’s just as bad where clients are concerned. After all, who wants to work with an organization that can’t even keep the office clean? What does that tell them about your ability to provide them with high-quality work?

Never Worry about Your Restrooms Again with Eagle New Jersey Commercial Cleaning

Some New Jersey commercial cleaning companies offer rock-bottom prices, but what they don’t tell you is that you’re also going to get rock-bottom janitorial services.

That’s not how Eagle Building Maintenance & Janitorial Services works. We may have a big workforce that’s available to you 24 hours a day, but at heart, we’re still a father and son company. We take pride in our work.

A big part of that pride involves making sure that you’re getting the janitorial services you really need, so when you decide to work with us, one of our owners will personally meet with you at your business and create a customized cleaning solution.

Other cleaning companies in New Jersey may demand that you order janitorial services on their timetable, but our staff will provide cleaning whenever you want it. Need daily cleaning services? Great. But we’re just as happy to offer you our janitorial services on a weekly, bi-weekly, monthly basis, or whatever you request.

Work with Eagle Building Maintenance & Janitorial Services, and we ensure you’ll always have:
  • Fresh-smelling restrooms
  • Door handles that shine
  • Plenty of supplies
  • Sparkling counters
  • Immaculate floors
  • Mirrors without smudges or stains
  • Spotless urinals, toilets, and sinks
  • Fixtures, doors, and locks that work
  • No graffiti
For more than 15 years, we’ve been providing cleaning and janitorial services to all kinds of companies in New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania. Give Eagle a call today, and let us help your business to shine, too!
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