The Importance of Using Non-Toxic Cleaners Around Children

Toxic Compounds Exist in the Most Unassuming of Places

When most of us think of the word toxic, we think of brutal poisons that are the result of our unrelenting industrialization. Indeed, many of us have learned of the direct and indirect effects these compounds have on all components of the environment. But many people are often surprised to learn that our homes, schools, and workplaces feature a wide variety of toxic chemicals, sometimes in the most unassuming of places. Items we don’t usually give a second thought to, such as carpeting (toluene, benzene), inexpensive furniture made from particleboard (formaldehyde), and even air fresheners (phthalates) can pose risks to our health because of the compounds they may contain.

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Young Children Are Particularly Sensitive

With respect to children, we have been inundated with news reports in recent years about the dramatic increase in allergy and asthma rates among young children. This is especially worrying because their bodies and systems are not only developing, but are particularly sensitive to environmental factors until they reach adolescence... Between the ages of 10 and 19, according to the World Health Organization. While there are a multitude of hypotheses proposed by researchers, there are no singular, clear-cut answers. However, evidence has shown that exposure to the aforementioned toxic compounds may be a factor.

How Eagle BMJ Is Doing Its Part

As this relates to our world as providers of professional cleaning services, we rely on chemicals to do a majority of the cleaning for us. However, the importance of using non-toxic cleaners around children and doing right by the environment is too great to ignore. This is why Eagle Building Maintenance and Janitorial Services (Eagle BMJ) is proud to say that we utilize many green products when servicing all of our clients. However, we also offer an exclusive green cleaning service. In choosing so, we only use green products that have been labeled as "Designed for Environment" (DFE), meaning the product has been approved by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and follows strict guidelines to reduce chemical exposure to both cleaning workers and building occupants. Our staff is made up of green cleaning professionals who have been trained in the latest scientifically-based green cleaning standards. Through the use of green products and procedures, this results in healthier living and a cleaner environment for us and our children.

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