Can A Clean Dealership Help Sell Cars?

There are few places on Earth quite like a car dealership. Spending time daydreaming in the showroom is quite fun, but spending time in the finance manager’s office is an experience that ranks up there with root canals. Yet, it’s something we’ve all had to do at some point in our lives, and the car manufacturers and dealers know this. Yet, the perception the general public often has towards dealerships is less than flattering. So, about 20 years ago, in an effort to change their image, dealerships began remodeling both the way things are done and the way things look. They added things like coffee shops and comfy waiting areas in the hopes of changing the notion that being in a dealership was a negative place to be. While many dealerships improved, some didn’t… At least we now get free coffee and bagels out of the deal!
All joking aside, all that free food and drink, along with normal foot traffic & customer flow, takes its toll on the facility from one day to the next. In order to keep a dealership looking its best, hiring Eagle Building Maintenance and Janitorial Services (Eagle BMJ) a professional cleaning company with 20 years of knowledge and experience in the field, is a logical choice any dealership owner should make as part of their business plan. Choosing us to clean & maintain your facility can further the improved relations the public has towards dealerships in recent years... This, in turn, can improve sales, particularly in the showroom itself where highly polished floors and spotless glass is now expected at both ends of the consumer spectrum. Additionally, all management offices (yes, the finance manager included) and desk areas of the sales staff should be clean as well, so as to make a great first impression with potential customers.

With regards to cleaning a dealership, the following are some of the more common duties carried out by Eagle’s well-trained and professional staff:

            •           Carpet Cleaning and Hard Surface Floor Care
            •           Dusting and Damp Wiping
            •           Emptying of Trash Receptacles
            •           Exterior Facility Cleaning
            •           Glass and Window Cleaning
            •           Restroom Sanitizing and Disinfecting
However, a fully-customized cleaning program can be arranged, as we cater to your needs. In fact, every potential client of Eagle begins with a FREE estimate and on-site assessment visit so that a plan meeting your requirements & budget can be discussed. Hire a janitorial cleaning company like Eagle Building Maintenance and Janitorial Services today to see how we can save you time, money, and resources by doing what we do best so you can be confident that your dealership looks it best... Hopefully allowing you to sell more cars in the process! However, we promise to not upsell you on undercoating your flux capacitor!
Posted: 9/11/2015 11:08:41 AM by Eagle BMJ | with 0 comments