Do You Clean For Your Cleaning Service?

Save the Redundancy for NASA

We all know of a business owner that hires a janitorial company with the full intent of benefitting from the work only professional cleaning companies can provide. Yet, this individual decides to tidy up and clean certain areas of their facility prior to the cleaner’s arrival… It’s like making & eating dinner prior to going out for dinner! While redundancy can be a very good thing (ask any astronaut), cleaning for your cleaning service can typically be an unnecessary waste of time and energy. However, here are a few suggestions you and your employees can use to make sure your cleaning service professionals can spend more time focusing on more energy-intensive cleaning tasks while at your facility.

Clean-Up After Yourself

While the point of hiring a cleaning service is to have professionals clean your facility, the age-old lesson we learned as children to “clean up after yourself” holds true for adults as well. Leaving dirty napkins, utensils, or containers strewn throughout a shared eating or break area only makes more work for the cleaner. This diminishes the time they could be spending cleaning other areas of your workplace.

Consolidate, If Possible

While we’re not suggesting to move or rearrange everything on desks or other work areas for the professional cleaning service, when possible, try to consolidate non-crucial items so as to allow the cleaning professional to dust & clean surfaces more effectively, thereby reducing the risk of missed spots.

Communicate With Your Professional Cleaning Company

Open, honest communication is an often overlooked, but tremendously important, means of ensuring a solid working relationship between the client and the professional cleaning company. Contacting the service prior to their arrival on any given day to notify them of something particularly problematic can allow the cleaners to come prepared to remediate that problem more effectively, rather than being surprised by it upon arrival.

Leave the Cleaning to Us!

At Eagle Building Maintenance and Janitorial Services (Eagle BMJ), we truly believe that a cleaner, healthier workspace helps a business’s bottom line by attracting new customers and increasing productivity. With that in mind, we have become one of the best full-service office cleaning companies in NJ because we pride ourselves on working with clients to create custom-tailored cleaning programs that fit their needs and budget. Contact us today for a FREE on-site estimate to learn how Eagle BMJ invites you to leave the cleaning to us!

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