There’s Window Washing and Then There’s WINDOW WASHING!

It’s pretty obvious that windows need to be cleaned regularly in order to keep them looking their best. It also allows for the easy spotting of any chips or irregularities that may compromise the safety or strength of the window. For most business owners, it’s something that is part of their regular commercial property maintenance services provided by a commercial janitorial cleaning service such as those offered through Eagle Building Maintenance and Janitorial Services (Eagle BMJ).



But how are the windows of skyscrapers - those predominantly steel & glass engineering marvels helping define the skylines of our largest cities - kept clean and shiny? 


Surely, one would think that in this day and age, we’d have developed specialized, fully automated window cleaning robots to clean these amazing structures… But you’d be wrong. In fact, most skyscrapers still utilize crews of real, live human beings bravely (albeit securely) draping themselves over the sides.


Consider that for the better part of the last 60 years, most skyscrapers have featured glass façades with windows that don’t open. Intentionally designed as such with safety, cost-effectiveness, and eventually, energy efficiency in mind, glass façade structures required architects to consider precisely where & how window washers would be able to perform their duties. 


Utilizing a variety of mechanisms, window washing crews and building inspectors alike are able to safely position themselves in just the right spot. This is particularly important on complex, multi-contoured buildings such as the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, UAE.    


Eagle BMJ offers a wide range of professional cleaning services performed by trained professionals who will properly clean and care for your facility. Making the decision about who cleans your business doesn’t have to be difficult, and we’ll gladly prove it to you. Contact Eagle BMJ today at (888) 730-1123 to arrange for a FREE, no obligation, on-site consultation. Allow us to show you how we can help your facility be cleaner, healthier, and more productive by doing what we do best so you can do what you do best!

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