School Janitorial Cleaning

The latest proposed New Jersey State Budget from Governor Christine includes cuts to public school funding again. This is the fourth straight year of funding cuts, flat funding, or minimal aid increases, according to the Education Law Center.

These are tough economic times, particularly for New Jersey schools. One place that schools look for savings is their janitorial budget, which is why a large number of them continue to rely on Eagle’s cleaning services.
Cleaning NJ schools has special requirements, because we don’t want to expose our children to high levels of toxic chemicals or dangerous cleaning methods. Eagle has extensive experience providing this extra level of care because of our work with hospitals and medical facilities. And we’re able to do it on a budget that our NJ schools can work with, allowing them to focus their resources where it’s needed most: on our students’ education.

We call this “Smart Cleaning”. We focus on essential services to help keep facilities running smoothly on a reduced budget. You only pay for what you need.

We’re proud to help provide a clean, safe environment for New Jersey schools, and we’d love to apply the same principles of efficient, effective janitorial and cleaning services to your office building, school, or medical facility.

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