Why Auto Dealers Should Consider a NJ Commercial Cleaning Company

As an auto dealer, you probably spend a lot of time thinking about how to best display the cars at your NJ auto dealership. Purchasing a car is a big decision, so you want to make the best possible impression on your customers and put them in the best frame of mind to make that purchase. Maybe you’ve set up your lot so that it’s appealing to customers, but what happens when you take them into your showroom or office?  

If you don’t have the right New Jersey cleaning company working for your dealership, your interior spaces might not be staying as clean as they should. After all, you have people tromping through your business every day, potentially tracking in dirt and scuffing up your floors.

When searching for professionals to work with, it’s best to find a NJ cleaning company who understands the specific needs of cleaning an auto dealership.

Your cars look good—so should your floors. Whether you’re in the new or used car business, you want to make sure that your cars look like they are in great condition and ready to be driven out of your lot. However, even if the cars look great, if the environment you’re selling them in doesn’t, that may affect your customers’ outlook.

If your floors have seen better days, you need to work with a New Jersey cleaning company like Eagle BMJ to get them up to snuff. Eagle doesn’t just stop at vacuuming and mopping (although we’ll do that, too!), we also provide waxing, deep scrubbing, and refinishing services.

You want to make sure you get the best cleaning products. Choosing the right cleaning products for your showroom or office can be tough, especially if you haven’t worked in the NJ commercial cleaning industry before. Many cleaning products have harsh chemicals, and using the wrong ones can harm both the environment and the health of employees who are regularly exposed to them.

Eagle BMJ knows the best products to use for cleaning all kinds of surfaces, including tile and laminate floors, and will use only green products if specifically requested. 
You want someone with experience cleaning large facilities. If you have a large auto dealership, you might not necessarily want to hire someone whose main business is cleaning homes or smaller offices. Eagle BMJ has experience cleaning large offices, schools, and even medical offices, so we won’t back down from the challenge of cleaning an expansive showroom.

You want your dealership cleaned… but not while customers are there. You might have regular employees who could pitch in to clean your dealership during business hours, but then you’d risk looking unprofessional by having a cleaning crew in the way while you’re trying to show customers different cars.

Eagle BMJ provides NJ commercial cleaning services whenever you want, whether that’s early in the morning, after your dealership closes in the evening, or on the weekends. We’ll work with you to determine what hours are best for your business.

If you’re still not sure about hiring a New Jersey cleaning company, consider setting up a meeting with one of the owners at Eagle BMJ to learn how we can tailor our cleaning services to your dealership’s needs.

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Good communication is the foundation of any healthy relationship, whether it’s personal or professional. That’s why at Eagle Building Maintenance and Janitorial, we strive to be great communicators as well as a great New Jersey cleaning company. And we know that communication isn’t just about telling clients what we can do, but listening to clients tell us what services they need. We think that our commitment to communication is what allows us to:

  • Tailor our cleaning services to each client’s and facility’s need
  • Help clients come up with a cleaning plan that works with their schedule and budget
  • Choose the right cleaning products (including environmentally-friendly options) for your facility
  • Respond promptly to special requests and emergencies

We Want to Keep Our Clients—That’s Why We Value Your Input

It’s always a good feeling to get a new client, but it’s an even better feeling to have a client rely on us for years or recommend our services to a friend. We’re constantly working to improve our communication skills because we want our clients to stick with us, and we know we have to listen and respond to their comments and requests if we want that to happen.

If you’re a current client, we’d like to encourage you to let us know both when we’re doing something well and when you’d like us to do something differently. Getting positive feedback is a great self-esteem boost (we’re only human, after all), and getting constructive criticism helps us improve and offer even better services to you and your facility in the future.

If you’re not yet a client but have been thinking about using our NJ cleaning services, we encourage you to set up an initial meeting with us. One of our owners will personally sit down with you and listen to what you want before advising you on a cleaning plan that will work for your facility. You’re under no obligation to hire us after this first meeting, but we hope that our ability to listen and respond well to your unique needs will win you over.


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