At Eagle’s New Jersey cleaning company, we understand exactly how important it is that your business’ electronics continue to run smoothly. These days just about every office relies on digital technology in one form or another, from phones to computers to iPads. Many of the day-to-day operations of a business would grind to a halt if the electronics they used started malfunctioning or stopped working completely!

You might think that a complete blackout is the only thing that could interfere with your business’ electronics, but something as seemingly minor as a dirty keyboard or phone dial pad can negatively impact your operations and your employees’ health. As a company that specializes in NJ office cleaning services, this is something that we deal with on a regular basis.

Let’s start with that phone: employees touch the dial pad every time they make a call, and they also hold the receiver close to their mouths. This makes the phone an easy place for bacteria to build up, and if a cold or the flu is going around the office, dirty phones can lead to more employees out sick unless you work with a NJ cleaning company to keep them spic and span.

Computers are another electronic item that needs to be kept clean by your NJ office cleaning service. Dust builds up inside and around a computer over time, especially if it’s a computer that is kept underneath a desk. This can cause the computer to overheat, slow its performance, and decrease its overall longevity. And then there are computer keyboards, which are another site for bacteria to build up because of their frequent use unless you use the right New Jersey office cleaning services. Keyboards also start working more slowly when they’re dirty, revealing yet another way that unclean electronics can affect your business.

Let’s review just one more problem area. If your company uses iPads or other touch screen technologies, you likely know how easy it is for these electronics to get dirty with frequent use. These kinds of electronic devices need to be carefully cleaned by your New Jersey cleaning company on a regular basis using a soft lint free cloth, and sometimes you just don’t have time to do that, especially if your business owns dozens or even hundreds of iPads.

Is Your New Jersey Cleaning Company Meeting Your Electronic Cleaning Needs?

Keeping on top of electronic cleaning can be difficult, especially in a large office, but it needs to be done. Our NJ office cleaning services provide a great way to keep your electronics clean without having to take time out of your day—or your employees’ days—to go around the office wiping all the computers down with a microfiber cloth.

Eagle Building Maintenance and Janitorial specializes in office cleaning for businesses in New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.

We’re a New Jersey cleaning company that will work closely with your business to develop a unique cleaning plan that fits your needs, so if keeping your office electronics clean is a top priority, we’ll make sure that happens.

Eagle BMJ can also work around your business’s schedule. We know that your electronics are likely to be in use during business hours, and we don’t want to interrupt you and your employees by trying to clean around them. Our NJ office cleaning company is available to you in the evenings, on the weekend, or even early in the morning before you start work.

If you’re worried about the state of your office electronics—or your office in general—consider working with Eagle’s commercial cleaning services. 60% of our business comes from NJ office cleaning, so we’ve got the experience and knowledge to carefully clean your building and the electronics you depend on.

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