When entering your facility, one of the first things that clients and employees will notice is your floor. This is why hiring the right commercial floor cleaning company is crucial. Keeping your floors clean can help visitors to have a more positive first impression of your building, and ultimately your organization.

But what exactly do people notice? Studies have found that “distinctiveness of image,” or DOI, plays an important role in our perception of flooring cleanliness.

DOI means how clear an image is when reflected from a surface. For example, if you are able to read the text of a sign that’s reflected in your flooring after your NJ commercial cleaning company has done its job, the floor has a high DOI. If reflection of objects is blurry, then the floor has a low DOI.

Of course, not all flooring surfaces are able to provide the same DOI. A glossy surface will reflect better than a dull one. And the state of the flooring is important; dings and scratches can also negatively impact DOI. But these are things that your commercial cleaning company can also help with.

In order to maintain the highest DOI possible, it’s important to maintain regular maintenance of your floor, using cleaning products designed to not just improve gloss but also to protect the flooring surface itself. Many businesses are surprised by the results they can achieve with the right commercial cleaning partner.

Focusing on protecting your cleaning surface, not just cleaning it, can improve perceptions of your facility – and also help your flooring to last longer. Talk to your New Jersey commercial cleaning company to find out if your plan is achieving these goals for your organization.

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Whether you live in a home or own a commercial building, there is a lot more you will need to do to your floors than run them over with a mop to keep them lasting long and pristine. Many types of flooring require extra care that isn’t always disclosed by the distributor. It is best to seek out professional help to give your floors the necessary treatment to keep them from being damaged by incorrect handling.

A Little Bit of Cleaning Can Help Prevent Huge Problems

The results can be disastrous if your floors are not treated properly and regularly, regardless of the kind of flooring you have installed. Carpets can become incredibly filthy after years of use, sometimes even 4,000 times more germ-infested than a toilet seat. The best way to get rid of pesky bacteria is to conduct a deep steam clean. The more often you clean your carpets and rugs with this method the better off your carpets and your health will be. Your quality of life should drastically improve the moment you thoroughly clean your carpets.
There is more to your floors than your introductory costs as well. Vinyl tile may be less expensive than other alternatives at the beginning, but it has the potential to become costly and hazardous to the foundation of your floor. It requires constant sealing, buffing, scrubbing, stripping, and coats of finish to keep the flooring from coming undone and exposing the foundation. Moreover, tile grout needs to be reapplied every 3-5 years to help maintain its waterproofing. Don’t skip any steps when maintaining your floors. Otherwise, you might end up replacing all the tile in the affected area. This becomes incredibly costly the more often it occurs. Always research the proper methods of care whenever deciding on what flooring to install in your home or business.
Wood floors are another common flooring option many people use, but might not know how to care for. Wooden floors absorb more moisture than any other flooring alternative and this goes beyond simple spills. The moisture in the air even affects wooden floors and this changes depending on the time of year. Winter air can cause cracks by the lack of moisture and summer air can cause wooden floors to expand. You will then be forced to replace the wood panels, which can lead to other difficulties if the same type of wood is no longer available from your distributor. The best way to combat these occurrences is to manage the humidity within your building and clean up any spills immediately. This way there will never be too much or too little moisture for the floors to absorb.

Knowing Who to Go to is Half the Battle

The best ways to keep your floors lasting in pristine condition is to have them professionally cleaned by our team at Eagle Janitorial as often as is within your budget. We offer our services every single day so we can meet your expectations and match your cleaning schedule. We even work overnight to perform floor cleaning services to keep your workplace uninterrupted. Eagle Janitorial is committed to prolonging the lifespan of your floors so you don’t have to worry about the high costs of replacing them!
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preview-full-hard-surface.jpg           A clean and shiny floor creates an eye-catching impression, especially in the front of your home. Therefore, along with looking great, hard surface floor care is a necessity for the front of your home. Your investment in your hard surface floor is worth maintaining professionally. Hard surface floor care also becomes important because these floors can show dirt more than other surfaces.
Proactive Hard Surface Floor Care is the Best
Dust and debris can easily blemish the appearance of your hard surface floors. Moreover, if not taken care of professionally, hard surface floors can become quite expensive to repair. That’s why it’s so essential to have a plan in place for maintaining your hard surface floors. Additionally, preventative care will save you time and money down the road.
Use Cleaners Cautiously
You need to be cautious with cleaners since not all cleaners and floor types are compatible. You also don’t want to use any cleaning solutions that could impact your floor in the long term. This could even affect the warranty of your floor material. Therefore, testing a cleaning solution before use is a smart idea. This is why professional care is so important since professionals understand different surfaces and what works best on which hard surface floors.
Deep Clean Regularly
You also want to make sure that your cleaning plan includes regular deep cleaning of your hard surface floors. Depending on how much the floor is being used and the weather conditions in your area, you can schedule as many deep cleaning sessions as needed and maintain your floors while keeping the shine. A professional deep cleaning session will remove stubborn dirt and obnoxious stains and clean the surface from below.
Take Care of the Grout
Grout can make or break the appearance of your floor since dirt can easily accumulate in grout and discolor it. Therefore, the grouts of your hard surface floors need to be taken care of on a regular basis. A thorough and effective grout cleaning will make your floors look extra clean and shiny. If you have tiled surface with grout, your cleaning plan should include additional care around the grouted areas.
At Eagle Janitorial Services, no matter the style or material of your hard surface floor, we provide an effective cleaning plan that will fit your needs. We take extra precautions while cleaning because we understand different surfaces better. With our customized cleaning solutions and schedule, we will deliver a unique cleaning plan that will ensure the long-term protection of your floor. Contact us at 888-730-1123 for all of your professional cleaning needs. ‚Äč

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