New Jersey - Commercial Cleaning Company

When you’re comparing different companies for your New Jersey commercial cleaning needs, it’s important to look at where the business is based. Is it really a New Jersey-based business? Or is it just a nationally-based chain, or franchise, with a branch in your area?
There are many reasons why you want to look for a commercial cleaning service with a New Jersey address.
  1. We know where to find the right talent. Since we live and work in the New Jersey area, we know how to locate the best people to staff our company, and it shows in the quality of work and customer service we offer.
  2. We provide quick response times. You won’t be routed from some main line to a regional office representative who oversees your area. You’ll be dealing directly with the people who will handle your cleaning account from day one. In fact, one of the owners will come out for your initial consultation. How’s that for personal attention?
  3. We can customize a solution for you. Every business is unique, and that means that they have unique office cleaning needs. Major chains may offer several commercial cleaning packages, but often this means you pay for some things you don’t need or have to work on their schedule. As a local, New Jersey-based commercial cleaning company, we’re more agile and able to adapt to your needs.
  4. We support the local New Jersey economy. By hiring us, you’re spending your money in the area that you want to see grow, just like we do! Unlike national chains which will often be based elsewhere and funnel their profits to that state instead, we pay NJ state taxes.
  5. We care about our reputation in New Jersey. National chains are often more focused on building their brand on a wider scale. For us, it’s New Jersey customers that matter the most. We want your positive word-of-mouth, and we work hard to provide top-of-the-line cleaning services to get it!
  6. We offer greater accountability. With fewer “middlemen,” problems are addressed quickly. You can easily be in contact with the people who are able to take action, resulting in better service for your company. In fact, some national chains won’t even have a local NJ office, which makes it even harder to work with them.
How to Make Sure a Cleaning Company Is New Jersey-Based

Often, cleaning companies will try to pass themselves off as New Jersey-based on their website and in their advertising – even though nothing could be further from the truth! When you’re not clear on where a cleaning service is based or if you’re comparing a national chain to a New Jersey cleaning company, be sure to ask several key questions:

  • How can you get in touch with management if necessary?
  • What’s the chain of command?
  • Is there a local office you can visit?
  • Who can help you customize a solution for your needs?
By taking the time upfront, you’ll ensure that you’re dealing with a New Jersey commercial cleaning company that can handle your needs and deliver great commercial cleaning results.
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