As we have seen all too often in the news as of late, the human mind can be “brainwashed”, that is, systematically reprogrammed to make someone adopt radically different beliefs relative to societal norms. While we’re not talking politics or religion in this case, we are referencing the environmental movement. Specifically, we are talking about how people could get “greenwashed”.



By now, popular marketing buzzwords featuring the words green & sustainable are used quite interchangeably; however, to environmental scientists they remain separate entities. Thus, with respect to eco-friendly cleaning services, a reputable company will properly promote sustainable practices, utilize green products, and purchase the equipment necessary to make a difference for those looking to reduce their respective impact on the environment. Unfortunately, a certain amount of confusion exists regarding these concepts which can propagate a false sense of environmental responsibility, leading to the aforementioned “greenwashing” of a client. Like whitewashing, greenwashing occurs when claims of eco-friendliness and sustainability are made, but amount to little more than marketing spin designed to make customers feel good, or even pay more for, green products or services without offering any legitimate environmental benefits.


Green cleaning practices and sustainable facility maintenance have never been more crucial than they are now. Thankfully, Eagle Building Maintenance and Janitorial Services (Eagle BMJ) understands the importance of proudly offering all green janitorial services to those clients who want to do right for the environment and their employees on multiple fronts. 


Eagle BMJ offers a wide range of professional green cleaning services performed by trained professionals who will properly clean and care for your facility. Making the decision about who cleans your business doesn’t have to be difficult, and we’ll gladly prove it to you. Contact Eagle BMJ today at (888) 730-1123 to arrange for a FREE, no obligation, on-site consultation. Allow us to show you how we can help your facility be cleaner, greener, and more productive by doing what we do best so you can do what you do best!

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