Having a clean workplace should never cost individuals something as valuable as their health. However, most cleaners today are chalk-full of hazardous chemicals, and a risk to employee health. Considered the primary source of toxins and indoor air pollution, Americans continue to expose themselves to these chemicals in pursuit of a clean work environment. Even when using supposed green alternatives, you may still be unknowingly exposing yourself to harmful chemicals. Unfortunately, some major corporations offer “green" alternatives, that are only “green” in name. Read more, to learn about the connection between chemicals and your health.

How Toxic Cleaning Products Affect Your Health

Even when being careful, you are exposed to harmful chemicals in cleaning products. These chemicals travel into the skin and lungs, and from there, instantly enter the bloodstream. This means that they bypass the liver and kidneys, the organs responsible for filtering out toxins. Thereby, leaving you and other employees defenseless against them. This type of indoor pollution is particularly harmful to one’s health because the effects are residual. Even one cleaning in a school or an office with non-green products can leave dangerous chemicals lingering in the air for hours at a time. If you often spend several hours indoors, this could wreak havoc on your health.

At Eagle Janitorial, we strive to increase productivity by providing a clean and healthy environment. By using our green cleaning products, we provide a peaceful environment at your workplace or school. Based on our research, we have found that by using our green products improves health, and leaves you with positive results.
In schools and the workplace, tasks such as typing and solving math problems are performed with better results. This is due to better brain function and improved health. Using clean products leads to reduced asthma, allergy attacks, and other respiratory issues. Another positive result is increased energy levels. By improving health, employees are more likely to perform their work with greater enthusiasm.
Go Green to Clean

What is your company or school to do, to provide a healthy environment? Are all cleaning products full of harmful chemicals? The best course of action, is to use only certified green cleaning products. While many products are labeled “natural” or “environmentally friendly”, this is really a marketing ploy. The best cleaning products are labeled as DFE, Designed for Environment, as these products have been approved by the EPA. It also means they do not contain chemicals that harmful for you or other employees. Using green cleaning methods is also important. You don’t want to just move dust around, you want to get rid of it. Try using micro-fiber cloths that work to attract dust and trap it.  These are just a few ways to go green when cleaning. At Eagle Janitorial, we go even further by reducing the entry of dirt and pollutants. We also know when and where to use disinfectants, to prevent over exposure.

Choose Good Health Today

Reducing the use of chemicals when cleaning, is the first step in improving your health and the health of employees and others. While it seems difficult to completely remove these chemicals, it is not impossible. Moreover, at Eagle Janitorial, we provide green cleaning that will reduce the health risks we’ve discussed. Let us clean your facility with non-toxic cleaning products. You will be boosting the performance of your employees and increasing their opportunity to experience good health on a daily basis.
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