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A dealership’s showroom is a key force for sales. A personable manner and a likable salesman can go a long way towards sealing the deal. However, a sparkling showroom adds the razzle dazzle that gains and keeps attention. If you want to bring more people into your showroom, you have to keep it clean. Hiring a professional company to keep your showroom spotless is a great investment for your dealership.
First Impressions are Vital
You never get a second chance at a first impression. Any little detail that goes wrong will be there permanently. A scuffed floor, overflowing trash bin, or stained carpet can lower the perceived value of your merchandise. When someone steps into your showroom you want them to be swept off their feet. Dazzled, impressed, and even awe is what you’re searching for.
You can build on a good foundation, but if you leave someone feeling less than impressed at the start, you’ve got an uphill battle on your hands. Your showroom is the start of your sales pitch. It’s the beginning of something very important. Get off to the best start possible by presenting a clean, professional showroom to clients.
Streak Free Windows are a Plus
People make choices on the spur of the moment. They can choose to shop with you or not based on the feeling they get standing at the curb, looking up at your showroom. When you’re selling a house, this is the curb appeal factor. When they stand on the street, do they like what they see?
Your dealership needs to have curb appeal too. Your showroom should hold the best that you have to offer. Clean, clear windows should show everything off to its full effect. Every light bulb should be working, the lawn should be green (even if that means it has to be plastic), and everything should be in top shape. This is a level of consistent, high care that you get best with contract janitorial work. They can come in after hours and make your dealership fresh again. Every day a lot of feet go through your doors. Can your floors handle it? Do your windows gleam when the light hits them? More importantly, do you have the staff to handle all of this yourself? Most don’t.
Keeping a clean showroom increases the curb appeal of your dealership. The most successful dealerships look successful. The glass is streak-free, the floors are sparkling, and everything goes neatly into its place. This level of maintenance is difficult for dealership staff to pull off on their own. Instead of letting standards slip, turn to a professional janitorial company. Their efforts can help you make a winning first impression.  
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