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Professional vacuuming is the key to cutting allergies in your home or business. Allergies symptoms occur when the body overreacts to something in its environment. While some allergies are severe, they can be avoided with some work. Most people don’t worry about food allergies, just going to work. However, the odds of facing allergy symptoms increase when a person is allergic to pollen, dust, mold, dandruff, or even pet hair. These nearly microscopic particles permeate most workplaces. If you want to beat allergies, you need professional vacuuming on your side. The right equipment and the right people can make all the difference.
The Right Equipment Does the Job Better
Allergens (things that cause an allergic reaction) are typically small to microscopic. When the air is full of pollen, you never see any--but if you have seasonal allergies, you’ll sure feel it! Mold spores are invisible, but one soggy and moldy patch of carpet can ruin someone’s day. The solution is to scoop these allergens out of the environment. Your regular vacuum can help, but it doesn’t have the suction power of a professional machine. Professional vacuums can pull out the small particles that have gathered on the carpets and in the fabrics of your home and business. Their powerful filters trap smaller, finer particles, so they’re not merely recycled into the air of the room. It’s the best way to pull allergens out of your floors and furnishings.
Professionals Can Keep at It
Another significant aspect of professional vacuuming is the person doing it. They have the equipment to keep themselves safe from allergens. When someone with an allergy is doing the cleaning, it can make their symptoms worse. It’s tempting to stop before the area is truly clean because they’re having such a strong reaction. Professionals get the job done right, without the distress caused by allergens. Best of all, you get a cleaner space. Not having to do a job that triggers allergies is its own reward for allergy sufferers.
Professional Vacuuming Isn’t the End
If you’re in a high traffic area or your allergies are severe, professional vacuuming is the first step you can take to cut down on your allergen exposure. If you’re still experiencing symptoms, the next stage is a joint plan of attack. First, you continue with your professional vacuuming schedule. Periodically, however, your professional cleaners can deep-clean the carpet. Most methods of deep cleaning (like steam cleaning) will destroy allergens inside your carpet. With mold, pollen, and pet hair blasted and vacuumed away, your carpets will be cleaner, and your nose might finally be happy.
Professional vacuuming could be all you need to keep your allergies in check. Professional equipment (and a professional’s touch) can get to the nitty-gritty. If you’re still experiencing trouble, pairing professional vacuuming with deep cleaning could be the upgrade you need to beat allergies. 
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