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What 15 Years of Commercial Office Cleaning  Has Taught Us ?
It doesn’t take a whole lot to start a janitorial service in Freehold, New Jersey – the challenge is in figuring out how to stick around. You can’t just offer the lowest prices or the most services, although Eagle Building Maintenance and Janitorial stacks up pretty well in both of those areas. The key is in doing work that is above and beyond what is asked for and making sure that you give your clients exactly what they need when they need it. How do we do this?

Your customized cleaning solution. The first way that Eagle gives clients the Commercial Office Cleaning service that they really want is by meeting with them and actually listening to what they say they need. When you call us, one of our owners will personally come to your facility and speak with you to create a customized cleaning solution. What does that mean? That you can hire us to come out as often or as little as you like. That you can individually select the services that you need and cross off the ones you don’t, as well as choosing the frequency that you want each type of service done. We provide commercial cleaning services for a wide range of facilities, including medical office cleaning, auto dealerships, schools, office buildings, warehouses, and more.

Ultimate availability. We know that every Freehold business has different commercial cleaning needs. Some companies can’t have our workers wiping down windows and hauling out trash during the week or in the middle of the workday. No problem. In order to best meet your needs, we employ a large and experienced workforce that can come out to clean your facility at any time of the day or night and even on weekends. We’re here for you 24/7.

Excellent communication. In our opinion, one of the most unforgivable offenses that an office cleaning company can be guilty is a lack of communication and accountability. That’s why we strive to keep you in the loop by using project software to manage and schedule each job. Not only can you see what’s been cleaned and when each individual job was completed, you’re able to be able to write in comments about the work being done. And if there’s ever a complaint, our management is immediately alerted so that we can promptly respond.

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Freehold NJ Office Cleaning Service
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Freehold NJ Office Cleaning Service
Provides industrial cleaning for high use facilities. With our Office Cleaning Services and Commercial Janitorial maintenance services, we can guarantee specific routine cleaning, improve the look of any facility and provide our clients with the confidence they deserve.
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Eagle Building Maintenance and Janitorial is a full service Commercial Cleaning company that provides customers with the Janitorial services and expertise they need to make educated decisions about choices that impact their businesses. We understand that no two clients are exactly alike. Before giving you an estimate we will provide a no-obligation visit to your site to discuss your company’s needs. Then we will come up with a plan that meets your requirements and your budget. You can trust us with Your Freehold NJ Office Cleaning Service.