Does Your School’s Janitorial Service Engage in Healthy School Cleaning?

When most people think about janitorial cleaning for New Jersey schools, they imagine a man in a jumpsuit pushing 
around a bucket and maybe stopping every once in a while to scrape gum off the floor or a locker or desk. It’s not a   job that seems to impact us very much, so we don’t think about it, and the vast majority of people don’t even know   what healthy school cleaning is. Unfortunately, how we clean can have a major impact on both the environment and our health, and kids are far more susceptible to potential problems than adults.
School hall cleanDid you know that that 25% of the cleaning products used in schools are toxic? These cleaning products contain chemicals that have been linked to a number of health issues, including things like asthma, smog, and even cancer.
At Eagle Building Maintenance and Janitorial, we believe that our kids have it tough enough without the risk of their getting sick when we’re supposed to be making things cleaner and healthier with our janitorial cleaning service. Because they’re smaller and less developed than adults, children are more susceptible to the dangers of toxic cleaning chemicals, equipment, and procedures. Making small changes in the way that you clean can make a big difference, but ultimately you want a janitorial service that aims for healthy school cleaning from top to bottom. At Eagle, we teach schools about prevention, utilizing green cleaning products and procedures, and working to spread the responsibility around.

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How can healthy school cleaning help your school and children?

ECA HallwayIt makes learning easier. Kids who have to deal with toxic cleaning substances that cause bad air quality often have a harder time paying attention and learning in class. And obviously kids who become sick due to poor janitorial cleaning practices are more likely to struggle and be left behind. With healthy school cleaning, everyone has a better opportunity to learn.
It preserves your facility. There are a lot of older New Jersey schools out there that need new desks, new tables, and so on. Part of the reason that school furniture and facilities age so quickly is because of the harsh chemicals used to clean them. Healthy school cleaning using natural, green products can lengthen the life of many things in your school.
It saves money. This one seems like an obvious outshoot of the above bullet point, because clearly it will save money if you’re replacing things less often, but it even goes beyond that. Healthy school cleaning isn’t just about switching to greed products, but finding natural ways to provide janitorial cleaning. One simple and inexpensive thing that every school can do is make sure that they are using the right mats at their entryways. Studies have shown that appropriate mats can prevent up to 85% of dirt from ever entering the school. That means less time and money spent on cleaning.
It protects the environment. Eagle is well aware of the fact that cleaning chemicals can seep into the ground or travel through our drains and out into New Jersey’s waterways. It’s one of the biggest reasons why we decided to start offering a green cleaning service to all of our clients, but it makes even more sense in healthy school cleaning. After all, when toxic chemicals run into waterways near schools, they’re more likely to harm the children living and playing nearby.