Using Green Products and Green Cleaning Doesn’t Just Protect the Environment

It Also Protects your Workforce

green cleaning solutions

More and more, companies are opting for green products and green cleaning services to ensure the safety of their employees. Harsh chemicals and outdated cleaning procedures can stir up more problems than they solve. The result is poor air quality which can affect your workforce’s health – and productivity. Green cleaning can change all that.

Did you know that better indoor air quality as a result of green cleaning services can:

  • Improve the performance of tasks like typing and solving math problems by between 4 and 16%
  • Reduce asthma, allergy attacks, and other respiratory issues that take employees away from their work
  • Increase employees’ energy levels

For many companies, switching to green cleaning services pays for itself due to the increased output of their workforce.

While we utilize many green products for all of our clients, we also offer exclusively green cleaning services. Buildings cleaned this way proudly display a Certificate of Green Cleaning near their entrance to let their employees and customers know about the extra steps we have taken to ensure a safe, healthy work environment by using only green products.

What Are Green Cleaning Services?

Put simply: it’s using products, equipment, and procedures that have less of an impact on the environment – green cleaning.

Traditional cleaning products contain chemicals and toxins that can make us sick, resulting in effects as mild as a headache or as serious as cancer. Some cleaning methods even stir up dust, releasing it into the environment for people to breathe in rather than getting rid of it.

Many companies claim to have green cleaning services simply because they use green products, but at Eagle Janitorial, we go the extra mile, incorporating green cleaning standards from start to finish.

We Use Certified Green Cleaning Products

Many products claim to be “natural” or “environmentally friendly” for marketing purposes, which is why Eagle only uses green products that are labeled as “Designed for Environment” (DFE). This means the product has been approved by the Federal Government’s Department of Environmental Protection (EPA) and follows standards to reduce chemical exposure to both cleaning workers and building occupants.

We Use Green Cleaning Equipment and Methods

Our goal is to remove dust, bacteria, and other harmful substances from the environment, not just move them around. Green cleaning tools like micro-fiber dust mops and HEPA® micro-filtered vacuum cleaners act like magnets, trapping microscopic materials for a cleaner, safer workplace.

We Work to Decrease the Entry of Dirt and Pollutants

What better way to keep clean than to prevent the dirt and debris from entering in the first place. Our training crew is diligent about installing and maintaining walk-off mats, one of the easiest green cleaning solutions. It’s a simple, effective, and environmentally friendly way to trap microscopic invaders before they can affect your employees.

We Disinfect Only in Areas Where It’s Required

Did you know that the EPA categorizes disinfectants as pesticides? Overusing these chemicals can create pollution, so our employees are trained on the most effective green cleaning methods and green products that keep germs at bay while still maintaining good indoor air quality.



And not just recycled content. We also consider things like how much chlorine is used to produce paper products, and look for paper towels, toilet paper, trash liners, and other items that are certified as green products by third-party organizations.

We Educate, Train, and Enforce Green Cleaning Standards

Our cleaners are green cleaning professionals – they’re trained in the latest scientific green cleaning standards. But the training doesn’t stop after their initial hire; we provide continuing education so they’re up-to-date on the latest technological advances, ensuring that green cleaning procedures are performed properly and safely.

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