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Does your janitorial services provider live up to expectations?

janitorial serviceSince 1995, Eagle Janitorial has provided janitorial services in the New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and New York area.

We’re a family business – privately owned and operated, not part of a franchise – and we pride ourselves on our customer service, providing prompt and accurate communication and exceeding our customers’ expectations.

Eagle Janitorial provides the highest quality results from our janitorial services so that our clients are happy and satisfied with the work that they pay for.

  • Professionalism – Our crew members are extensively trained and use the latest commercial janitorial cleaning technologies to ensure the hygiene and safety of your facility, staff, and clients.
  • Safety and Security – Every crew member goes through a rigorous background check and is outfitted in an Eagle Building Maintenance and Janitorial uniform so you know they’re sent by us.
  • Availability – Would you prefer our crews to come in the morning? Overnight? During lunch? You tell us what’s most convenient for your business, and we’ll work around it.
  • Confidence – We offer 100% satisfaction guarantee – or your money back.

List of Janitorial Services

Our professionals will thoroughly clean the nooks and crannies to remove the dust and dirt that can impact indoor air quality.

These are high-traffic areas where food is handled, causing them to be some of the dirtiest, most bacteria-laden areas in a workplace – our janitorial services and commercial cleaning supplies will keep them spotless and sanitized.

We can take care of minor and major repair issues inside or outside of your building, such as broken railings, burnt out light bulbs, and bathroom fixes.

With 20 years of experience caring for a wide variety of surfaces, Eagle’s professional cleaners are trained on the highest quality equipment to properly clean whatever kind of flooring you have.

We’ll properly remove the dust and dirt that can impact the performance of your electronic equipment while ensuring your data is safe.

We’ll use the cleaning method that’s best for the particular surfaces around your facility, leaving the materials spotless.

In addition to taking out the trash, we’ll leave behind clean bins, free of any particles, liquids, or stray items that may have fallen outside the garbage bag.

Make a great first impression by ensuring the outside of your building looks as good as new. Services include pressure cleaning, graffiti removal and gutter cleaning.

Our window washers can handle even multiple story buildings and leave all glass surfaces sparkling – no streaks or water spots.  We also clean off frames, sills, tracks, and blinds.

We use many green cleaning products as a part of our standard services, but we also offer the option of only using certified green products to further protect your indoor environment.

We can keep any surface dust-free, whether it’s floor level or high ceilings, using products specifically designed for the material.

Whether you’re upgrading to more efficient lighting or just ensuring that all light sources are functioning, this is a great example of what our janitorial services company can maintain for your facility.

We have the specialized equipment and training in the proper protocols and procedures necessary to safely and hygienically handle medical cleaning needs.

With over 20 years of experience cleaning office environments, we can create a customized cleaning schedule for regular building maintenance or just a one-time deep clean.

Whether it’s a brand new build or a minor remodel, construction projects always leaves behind a layer of dust, debris, and dirt. We’ll leave it clean and ready to impress.

Pressure cleaning is the most efficient way to safely remove dirt, grime, mold, dust, and any other loose particles from outdoor surfaces, furniture, and other objects.

The appearance of your storefront plays an important role in retail businesses. We make it easy to maintain a clean, sanitary environment, including cleaning sensitive registers and returns for re-sale.

We’ll keep your bathrooms clean and germ-free with products that keep surfaces sanitized as well as looking sparkling clean.

We can handle the removal of garbage created by everyday tasks, special projects, or construction – even if it includes potentially hazardous substances. Janitorial Services on a regular basis keep your facility customer and employee friendly.

We use HEPA® micro-filtered vacuum cleaners that work like magnets, trapping microscopic materials for a safer, cleaner workplace.

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