professional pressure washing

Leave Pressure Washing To the Professionals

When it comes to cleaning, most homeowners chose to go it alone. However, there are some cleaning tasks that you should leave to the professional, such as pressure washing and window washing. Whether you are planning to clean your home or office environment, professional are more experienced and better equipped. For this reason, they can preform a thorough job and offer ongoing maintenance services. It’s not only essential to know what to pressure wash, but also to be aware of surfaces that shouldn’t be pressure washed because of potential damage.

Using Adequate Pressure is Important

The biggest mistake you can make while pressure cleaning is applying too much pressure. Many homeowners find that it is easy to overestimate the force of the water coming out of the nozzle. When the water pressure is too high, it can damage carved wood or break windows. How much pressure to use and how far should you be from the object you are cleaning are some factors that professional specialize in handling.

Protect Yourself and the Surroundings

When pressure cleaning, it matters what you are using to clean a particular surface. For instance, the cleanser you use can also impact the pressure and damage may occur if not chosen carefully. While pressure cleaning, it is also important to be aware of the surrounding surfaces and make sure that you protect them accordingly, whether they are delicate surfaces or surrounding plants. To protect yourself and your surroundings, hiring a professional for thorough cleaning is undoubtedly recommended.

Protect Your Home Exterior

Your home may have accumulated dirt and debris over the years. While pressure cleaning can improve the appearance of your home exterior, it is also important to be careful while doing it. Too much pressure can easily damage your home exterior, windows, and their seals. A strong water stream from a pressure washer can potentially break window glass and even cause water damage inside your home. You need to be aware of which areas are waterproof and how much pressure they can handle. Hiring an experienced professional to do the job is a great idea.

At Eagle Janitorial Services, we focus on details and promise to keep your environment perfectly clean so you can focus on conducting your business better. We take extra precautions while cleaning because we understand different fixtures and surfaces better and adjust the pressure accordingly. Contact us at (888)-730-1123 for all of your professional cleaning needs.