How Frequently Should You Get Your Carpets Cleaned?

Carpets provide a plush and comfortable living space, but they also gather dirt and pollutants from your surrounding and pets. Clean carpets are healthier and can make your home more welcoming. Because of this, it is very important to get your carpets cleaned regularly by professionals. A general rule is to get professional carpet cleaning once a year. However, several factors determine the right frequency for your carpet cleaning.

For Longevity

Vacuuming is good for weekly maintenance, but your carpets need a deeper cleaning by professionals to maintain their longevity. Removing dust particles isn’t the only reason for carpet cleaning. Dirt can also degrade your carpet fibers over time and cause damage. You should keep this in mind, especially if you have invested in a high-quality carpet in your home. You will need to get your carpets cleaned often enough so that you can ensure their long life and durability. Read the warranty paper and follow a routine that works best for your living situation and your carpet specifications.

For Look and Feel

The best way to keep your carpet looking great is to get it cleaned regularly. Some factors to consider when figuring out the frequency of carpet cleaning include having pets, allergies, smokers in the house and how many people are living in your home. If you have a small family and no pets or young children, your carpets may not need frequent cleaning. A simple weekly vacuum and yearly professional clean may be sufficient. However, for high-traffic households with pets, children, or smokers, it is a completely different story.

For Cleaning Stains

If you have any occasional spills or stains, your carpets should be professionally cleaned right away in order to reduce the damage. If your carpet gets more frequent stains because of your living conditions or size of your family, you can even get a stain-resistant carpet for durability. Taking care of your carpet and keeping it clean will also be healthier for your family.

Clean carpets protect you from unhealthy bacteria, which can lead to allergies. They also increase the beauty of your home. Eagle Janitorial Services has been in the floor care and carpet cleaning business for 15 years. Our professional cleaners have been trained with high-quality equipment and take pride in customer satisfaction. We always strive to use safe and environment-friendly products in our services. Contact us at (888)-730-1123 for all your professional carpet cleaning needs.