Best Practices for Commercial Restroom Cleaning

restroom cleaning

Every business needs to keep their restrooms clean for their clients and customers; otherwise, those customers may not return. Frequently a visibly dirty toilet drives customers out the door, and you lose their trust. The maintenance of your restrooms also symbolizes your business practices, and you must take care to maintain them well. Another thing to consider is that if your bathrooms are poorly maintained, your customers or your employees getting sick, which can impact your business.

Hire a Professional Cleaning Service

You need a high-quality commercial cleaning service that can ensure that your restroom cleaning is done regularly and adequately. Along with the basics of cleaning your toilets and urinals, your cleaning company must wipe down walls and sweep surfaces and floors. They should also clean mirrors, sinks, and countertops. The trash can liners need to be removed and replaced as well. When cleaning the restrooms, your cleaning company should put out “wet floor” signs up to protect people from incurring any injuries.

Establish a Standard Process

You need to establish a standard of appearance for your restrooms. This way, your cleaners know what they are expected to achieve in cleaning. In addition, you can have them follow a specific cleaning process with clearly defined steps. You can be a part of the discussion about which cleaning products to use. Train your cleaning company on the importance of cleaning for health, not for appearance.

Other Best Practices for Restroom Cleaning

The cleaning company that you hire must remove graffiti as soon as it appears. You can install the most extensive paper dispensing system possible and buy the best quality paper goods and products that your budget will allow. In addition, you can also specify the number of cleanings per day, based on restroom traffic. You can conduct thorough cleanings to avert the need to disinfect after every cleaning. Perfectly clean surfaces can’t harbor microbial growth for very long. Thorough cleanings also allow disinfectants to do their job.

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