marble floor

How to Clean Your Marble Floors

Marble floors are elegant and come in a variety of colors and styles that provide luxurious flooring. Marble is delicate and susceptible to stains, however, so it is essential to clean it with the most appropriate cleaning agent. Not taking care of your marble floors can cause damage and cost you a lot more in replacement of your floors.

Preventative Care of Marble Floors

Marble floor cleaning starts with preventative care and regular maintenance. Sweeping and mopping your marble floor daily will remove any dirt and debris that could scratch or otherwise harm your marble floor. Additionally, as soon as you see any spills, you should take care of them so that water or other liquids aren’t allowed to stain your flooring.

How to Choose Your Cleaning Agent

When cleaning your marble floors, it is essential that the cleaning solution that you choose be pH neutral. Acidic cleaners will scratch your marble surface, and it will lose its shine. For instance, using vinegar is not a good idea. Instead, you should clean your floors with a diluted mixture of ammonia and water, or with a diluted mixture of dish soap and water. Drying your marble floor is also quite essential, and you should wipe the floor using a soft, fluffy towel.

Schedule Regular Deep Cleaning

When it comes to cleaning marble floors, periodic deep cleaning is a good idea. Depending on how much traffic you get on your floors, you should schedule a regular cleaning at least once monthly. Hiring a professional cleaning firm that understands the intricacies of marble floors and uses safe products is a good idea.

Other Best Practices

Marble is highly sensitive to anything acidic, so be wary of which products your cleaning company is using and ask questions so that you are not surprised. Also, beware of vacuums, which may scratch your marble stone surface. Another aspect to keep in mind is the kind of brushes that your cleaning company is using. It is important to use soft cloths and not get scratches from rough brushes. Additionally, you should place non-slip mats and rugs around your entrances to help limit the amount of abrasive dirt that comes in on your floors.

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