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Important Winter Office Cleaning Tips

Winter comes with its own share of weather issues that you shouldn’t ignore as far as office cleaning practices are concerned. Keeping your office cleaned is essential during winter months since infectious germs and diseases are easily transferred. You should take precautions in office cleaning, because not doing so could lead to your employees getting sick and taking leave.

Maintain Air Quality

Your indoor office air can have up to five times more pollutants than outdoor air. Therefore, it is critical to maintain good quality air in your office premises. Adding air quality checks in your checklist is important. You should make sure that your HVAC systems are cleaned to reduce the circulation of germs throughout your office space. Consider this a preventative health measure to keep your office environment healthy and germ-free.

Protect and Clean Your Floors

Your office floors get a lot of foot traffic, and people bring in dust and debris all the time. If you get snowfall in your area, exterior slush and snow can bring in moisture in the winter months. This extra moisture can make things worse by serving as a breeding ground for bacteria and another mold to grow. In addition to using entrance mats, you need to keep dust, salt, and moisture off of your office floors by keeping them dry, vacuumed, and cleaned. Your office carpets are more prone to salt and dirt settling in and breaking down the fibers. When you keep the carpets cleaned regularly, you will not be forced to replace them prematurely.

Regularly Clean Your Windows

Winter weather can be tough on your office windows, especially with ice and snow. Ice and snow can quickly form on your windowpanes and block sunlight. Furthermore, the weight of the debris can cause the window glass to crack or break. Therefore, regularly cleaning your windows in winter months is critical.

Disinfect Areas

Winter months bring in cold and flu as well, and you might see employees taking in sick leave. Unfortunately, when a person is sick, they can spread the germs around in your office space. Therefore, disinfecting your office space becomes essential in winter months.

Hire a Professional for Office Cleaning

At Eagle Janitorial Services, we’ve had experience in the commercial cleaning business for more than 15 years. When you hire us for your office cleaning, you benefit by ensuring that your floors are cleaned and the rest of the office space is adequately sanitized. Most importantly, you can ensure that your employees are happy and healthy. If you have questions regarding your office cleaning needs, feel free to contact us at 888-730-1123. ​