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Top Five Things Most Businesses Forget to Clean

COVID-19 has made everyone more aware of cleanliness. Still, old habits die hard, and certain surfaces still get overlooked all the time. Take businesses, for example – especially businesses that use office spaces. It turns out that office cleaning is more complex than a lot of people realize, because these work environments have all types of surfaces that people miss when they’re cleaning. We’ve put together a list of the top five. 

Office Cleaning Should Include Walls

Usually, people don’t think about their office walls unless they want to hang up a picture frame. And why should they? As long as the walls are holding up the ceiling, there’s not much about them that grabs a person’s attention. That’s why people usually ignore the walls when it’s time for office cleaning. Over the years, those walls will attract dust and buildup, which not only makes your office dirtier but also makes it look dull. 

Buttons Are as Germy as Door Handles 

When people do office cleaning, they may or may not remember the door handles. Those who do clean the door handles usually understand how germy these surfaces can get. That said, there are equally dirty surfaces that get even less attention than door handles: buttons. Elevator buttons, vending machine buttons, water fountain buttons, and more are touched about as often as door handles. They pick up germs from everybody’s hands, but since they’re so small, they usually get ignored. 

The Spaces Behind Machines Matter, Too 

Think about all of the machines in your office. You’re probably picturing some computers, copiers, and printers, right? Remember the kitchen appliances in the break room, too, like the microwave and the refrigerator. These surfaces probably get cleaned fairly often because they’re central to your business. Now think about the spaces between and behind those machines. How often do you clean those? If you said “never,” you’re not the only one. These spaces are some of the most overlooked when it comes to office cleaning. 

Phones are Germ Factories 

Office phones get overlooked, too, which is disturbing when you consider how often people use them. People don’t just touch phones with their hands, either. They put them right up against their faces. Office phones are a recipe for illness, and you should absolutely disinfect them regularly to prevent the spread of disease. 

Nobody Remembers Light Fixtures 

You have almost no reason to think about light fixtures. The bulbs get some attention when they stop working, but otherwise, you leave them alone. However, light fixtures, including light switches and covers, can gather a lot of dust. 

Office Cleaning 

Now more than ever, we need to start cleaning overlooked surfaces. The good news is that the Eagle Janitorial team knows exactly what to do. We have years of experience cleaning the surfaces that most people overlook, so we don’t miss anything. Call us now to ask about our office cleaning services. You can start by getting your free estimate.