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Top Signs You’ve Found the Right Commercial Cleaning Service

Finding the perfect commercial cleaning service company can be a challenge. You want to find a company that is reliable, licensed, and insured, and able to meet the unique needs of your business. Whether you are an automobile dealership or an office building, it’s vital that your space is clean and sanitized in order to keep staff and customers healthy and happy. A clean space is especially essential during the COVID-19 pandemic, where commercial businesses must be hyper-vigilant about protecting their employees and customers from the virus. As you seek out a commercial cleaning service, consider the following factors to ensure you are getting the best of the best!


First and foremost, the cleaning service must be reliable. This means the cleaning crew is always on time, works productively, and gets everything on the list done during each cleaning session. They also need to be reliable when it comes to communication. It should be easy to reach your cleaning company in case you have an additional request, issues, or need to reschedule.

Custom Service

commercial cleaning service

Your business is unique, which means your cleaning services should be, too. A top-notch commercial cleaning company should be able to tailor its services to your needs. For example, maybe your office wants to focus on having clean windows. Or perhaps you want to have regular cleanings every evening and a deep carpet cleaning once a month. A good cleaning company should be able to understand your needs and exceed your expectations.

Licensed & Insured

It is critical that the company cleaning your space is licensed and insured. This means that if something happens (ex: injury, damages, etc.), the cleaning staff is covered under their insurance. If they don’t have insurance, these types of issues/costs become your office’s responsibility. Before hiring a cleaning company, request proof of their license and insurance.

Green Cleaning

Environmentally friendly cleaning services are essential to many companies. A lot of companies set goals and action plans for ways they can go green. One easy place to start is with your cleaning company. Cleaning substances often contain potent chemicals that are bad for the environment and bad for people’s health in the office. By hiring a cleaning services company that focuses on green cleaning, you are helping the environment and also making your office space a healthy place to be, free of lingering harsh chemicals.

Next-Day Scheduling

Last but not least, it’s always a benefit when your cleaning service company offers next-day scheduling. You never know when you will need a sudden deep clean. This is especially true during the pandemic. For example, if someone in your office gets sick with COVID, chances are you will want the office cleaned immediately. It is nice to have a reliable company to call on and get out to your office as soon as possible.

Contact Eagle Janitorial To Be Your Commercial Cleaning Service

Every company should have a high-quality commercial cleaning service company that cleans their office. This company should be reliable, flexible, licensed and insured, and able to schedule next-day cleanings. Using green cleaning substances is an added benefit that is also important to many companies. Look no further, because Eagle Janitorial possesses all of these positive qualities and more. We are a family-owned business that has been cleaning since 1995. Our goal is to provide your business with the best cleaning services possible. For more information about our services, contact us today!