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5 Things to Look for When Picking a Commercial Cleaning Service

Business and property owners of all types can benefit from a reliable commercial cleaning service. However, finding an exemplary cleaning service isn’t always that simple. There are numerous cleaning companies to choose from, and not all are created with the same ethics. Therefore, when it comes to finding the perfect commercial cleaning service, you should remember to look for these five things. 

With this in mind, you will know you are getting the best service available at an affordable cost. Eagle Janitorial offers clients all five of these critical things. Visit our website today to learn more about what we can do for your commercial property. 

Affordability in a Commercial Cleaning Service

One of the first factors to consider with your commercial cleaning service is affordability. You want a service that you will be able to use long-term. However, a reasonable price is not always indicative of a reliable cleaning service, so in the long run, this should not be the only measure you use to decide. 


As a business owner, you need a commercial cleaning service that works with you. At Eagle Janitorial, we offer services that fit your schedule. We can even clean after business hours, so we never get in the way of client interaction. With schedules that can be daily, weekly, monthly or anything in between, we make sure that our schedule never adds stress to yours. The best part is you can change your janitorial schedule at any time. 

Awards and Recognitions

When choosing a cleaning company, it is wise to consider awards, certifications, and other recognitions. Eagle Janitorial is OSHA compliant and boasts an award-winning safety record. While a company can still be reliable without these accolades, having them is an indicator that they know what they are doing. Trust us with what matters most, because we have the certifications to prove we can tackle your commercial cleaning. 

A Wide Variety of Commercial Cleaning Services

Some commercial cleaning services only cover the bases, doing the job quickly but not in-depth. The Eagle Janitorial difference means taking care of every detail in your commercial property. In fact, we don’t only clean bathroom and office spaces; we sanitize all building surfaces. 

We take care of everything from emptying and sanitizing trash bins to scrubbing scuff marks off your flooring. Other critical services include spot cleaning, HEPA-filtered vacuum services, and mold and mildew removal. Finding a company that offers a wide variety of services means you will never have to worry about hidden grime or germs again. 

Friendly and Reliable Staff

The last element to look for in your new commercial cleaning service is a trustworthy, reliable, and friendly janitorial staff. All of our trained team members are here to help you. With individuals who can be trusted, the proper training, the right equipment, and only the best cleaning solutions, your commercial property will be spotless in no time at all. 

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