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5 People Who Should Hire a Janitorial Service

Hiring a janitorial service is a great way to save time and money. Eagle Janitorial offers streamlined janitorial services tailored to your needs. Plus, we work with facilities and commercial enterprises of all types. After meeting with us to discuss your needs, we will create the right schedule and cleaning protocol for you. That means no matter who you are, you will receive customized janitorial care. Learn more about Eagle Janitorial services by visiting our website today or by reaching out to our customer service representatives.

Medical Facility Owners

Medical facilities require the highest standards of cleanliness and sanitation. However, staffing even small medical facilities to cover precise cleaning protocols can be difficult, especially when funding is cut. Plus, sticking to a strict cleaning routine is another problem. Luckily, there is a solution that any medical facility owner should consider. Hiring Eagle Janitorial is a great way to take the burden of cleaning your medical facility off your shoulders. We can set up a detailed daily schedule that ensures the highest levels of cleanliness at any medical facility. 

Construction Site Management

If you are the manager of a construction site, you know how tiresome cleaning up after construction can be. Part of your job is dictating basic cleaning schedules for your entire team. However, it’s much easier to focus on accurate construction projects when the weight of cleaning up the mess is someone else’s responsibility. That’s where we come in. Eagle Janitorial offers specialized services in construction site cleanup, using industrial equipment and trained technicians. 

Parents of Young Children

Eagle Janitorial also provides in-home cleaning services. If you are the parent of young children, you won’t want to overlook our detailed in-home services. Kids don’t hesitate to make messes. If you have more than one young child, it can feel impossible to stay on top of all the clutter, sticky messes, debris, and all your other responsibilities as a parent. So don’t sweat the mess – call us instead! 

School Staff 

Schools should be held to higher standards of cleanliness. However, most school systems don’t have the funding or physical capacity to stay on top of regular cleaning. Eagle Janitorial’s services are detailed and go beyond basic services like emptying the trash and mopping the floors. We believe details matter so we offer customer services that might be necessary within your school facilities, such as bleacher cleaning, cafeteria cleaning, and detailed bathroom services. 

Auto Dealership Cleaning

Auto dealerships are known for their squeaky-clean floors and bright atmosphere. However, ineffective cleaning protocols can quickly create a bad impression of your dealership. Luckily, Eagle Janitorial Services can help an auto dealership go from zero to a hundred fast.

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